Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Get Ready for the Heartwarming Comedy-Drama 'Makeup' - A Tale of Friendship and Hidden Aspirations!

Red Blazer Productions, in collaboration with Executive Producer Lucas A. Ferrara, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the comedy-drama film, "Makeup." Mark your calendars for June 27th, as this delightful film will be available for digital download, both for owning and renting.

Written and produced by the talented duo Hugo André and Will Masheter, along with Lucas A. Ferrara, "Makeup" has already garnered multiple awards and accolades. This multi-award-winning film is a must-watch for all comedy and drama enthusiasts.

The story revolves around Sacha, an introverted French ex-chef who moves to London to embark on a new journey as a food critic. He finds himself renting a room in the house of Dan, a respected London stockbroker. Despite their stark differences, the two are pushed into an unlikely friendship. As the plot unfolds, Dan grapples with concealing his secret aspiration of becoming a burlesque dancer, a stark contrast to his alpha male image. Can Sacha and Dan become pillars of support for each other as they navigate their contrasting lives?

"Makeup" has received widespread acclaim, earning the title of "Directorial Debut by a Young Film Maker" at the London International Film Festival in 2021. It also clinched the coveted "Best Film" award at the Paris International Film Awards in the same year. Additionally, the film secured "Best Young Director" at the Lonely Wolf Film Festival and was a finalist in categories like "Best British Film," "Best Queer Film," and "Best Actor" (Hugo André) at the same festival. In total, "Makeup" has won an impressive 15 awards, received 5 nominations, and garnered 2 honourable mentions.

Note: Portions of the proceeds generated from the streaming of "Makeup" will be donated to youth-oriented organization Youthline, making your viewing experience even more meaningful.