Thursday, May 25, 2023

Mason Wood Returns with Empowering Single 'I'm Not Dead' and Announces Upcoming EP 'Hollywood Land

Indiana-born artist Mason Wood, known for his electro-pop sound and unapologetic pride in his LGBTQ+ identity, has made a triumphant comeback to the music scene with his latest single, "I'm Not Dead." This infectious track, released on May 12th, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month, gives fans a taste of what's to come on Wood's highly anticipated second EP, titled "Hollywood Land," scheduled for release later this fall.

With its upbeat dance-pop vibes and empowering lyrics, "I'm Not Dead" showcases Wood's resilience and determination in the face of adversity. The song delves into his personal journey of battling mental illness and emerging stronger than ever. Wood describes the track as "a lyrical journey about me fighting against all the negativity that tries to weigh me down. In this song, I describe the city of Los Angeles as the main antagonist as well as those who dwell here. The song is about coming out from a dark place, stronger than you were before."

The release of "I'm Not Dead" marks a significant milestone for Mason Wood, as it represents his return to the music scene after taking a break due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The track's release during Mental Health Awareness Month highlights the importance of addressing mental well-being and spreading messages of resilience and self-empowerment.

Fans of Mason Wood can rejoice as he gears up for more exciting releases in the near future. The artist has announced that his next single, titled "California," is set to drop in June, building anticipation for his upcoming EP, "Hollywood Land," which is slated to be released later this fall. With his unique blend of infectious pop melodies, introspective lyrics, and unapologetic authenticity, Mason Wood is poised to captivate audiences once again with his upcoming music.