Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Cinephobia Releasing Presents "The Latent Image"


Cinephobia Releasing is proud to announce the North American Premiere of THE LATENT IMAGE, a twisted, beautifully crafted deep dive into the imagination that explores just how deadly inspiration can truly be. From writer-director Alexander McGregor Birrell (Sleepaway Slasher), the film stars Joshua Tonks and Jay Clift as two men caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse that threatens to turn a dark fantasy into a stark, inescapable reality. The LATENT IMAGE is set to screen in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 7 at the Lumiere Music Hall.

“The Latent Image is a striking example of indie genre cinema – taut, creepy, and smart with a dense atmosphere of sexually charged dread, what’s not to love", said Ray Murray, President of Cinephobia Releasing.

THE LATENT IMAGE centers around thriller writer Ben, who, while struggling for inspiration, retreats to an isolated rural cabin to start work on his latest novel. One night, he wakes to find a wounded man in the cabin claiming to be a hunter whose car had broken down nearby. Intrigued by the intruder, Ben decides to secretly use him as inspiration for the antagonist in his new book. But, as the man helps Ben enact increasingly dangerous scenarios for the story’s captive protagonist, Ben's ambition may not only destroy the peaceful world he's created, but take his life in the process.

"Horror films and thrillers have always been my passion", said Birrell. "The cast and crew really gave their all and it was a wonderful experience to see and feel the scenes coming to life on set, even if that sometimes meant feeling real fear in those dark woods!"

THE LATENT IMAGE world premiered at London's Soho Horror Film Festival, and went on to screen at Outshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival and Queer Screams Festival. The film is set to screen at Fargo Moorhead LGBT Film Festival this September.

"Having The Latent Image come to North American audiences is a dream come true", said Birrell. "This film is a love letter to a lot of US genre cinema and I hope people enjoy it."