Friday, August 25, 2023

MAGNUS RIISE releases music video for single "EARTHQUAKE"


Today, Indie artist Magnus Riise proudly presents the release of his new music video "Earthquake" starring Barrett Foa, and directed and choreographed by Monika Felice Smith (Bella Poarch’s "Build A B*tch," Doja Cat’s "Attention"). The video opens on a gay couple that looks like they’ve got it all, but the story quickly descends into a toxic, yet intoxicating push-and-pull that lives right below the surface.

About the making of the video, Monika Felice Smith says: "I really enjoyed bringing our "Earthquake" music video to life for Magnus Riise. I connected strongly with the original concept that Magnus approached me with. MANY humans can relate to being in toxic relationships and the inevitable cyclical nature of them. Magnus' desire to capture moments of the relationship under the water really intrigued me. I had never worked with bodies or cameras underwater until this video came along! It was a beautiful challenge and one that makes me so happy to say that we accomplished so successfully. My bread and butter is movement direction and choreography, thus making the process so enjoyable to decipher when and where we would express love vs. hostility within the couple's connection and body language. Our actors dove right in and committed wholeheartedly to my vision and direction, what a gift. I'm a huge fan of a dark undertone and this video emotes this from the beginning. It was fantastic working with the entire team on this one. Everyone was so dedicated and skilled in their craft. Thank you to our fabulous co-star Barrett Foa for bringing me on, believing in my work enough to pass my name along and make this thing happen! It truly does take a village and this project would not have happened without all hands on deck. I hope everyone enjoys the video just as much as we enjoyed creating it!"