Monday, September 25, 2023

Out In Colombia Begins Tours To The Sun-Kissed Shores Of Santa Marta

Colombia’s leading LGBTQ tour operator, Out in Colombia, invites guests to embark on an odyssey to the country’s coastal paradise of Santa Marta. The two new packages expand the operator’s already established offerings in Cartagena and Medellin to include Santa Marta, “igniting the spirit with captivating adventures and the allure of pristine beaches,” according to the firm.

“Immerse yourself in the exotic nature that surrounds you, where lush jungles and snowy peaks create a breathtaking backdrop,” said Sam Castaneda Holden, CEO and founder of Out in Colombia. “Join us in crafting unforgettable memories in Colombia's hidden gem.

“Don't miss the opportunity to explore two new captivating itineraries that highlight the best of Colombia,” he added.

Experience the allure of Colombia on a captivating journey from Cartagena to Santa Marta, where adventure and luxury merge amid natural wonders. Guests will be immersed in enchantment as they explore vibrant Cartagena and the untouched coastal paradise of Santa Marta. Go gourmet with a Rum &Chocolate Tasting Experience in Cartagena or embrace the vibrant spirit of the Getsemani district on a Street Art Paparazzi Experience.

Indulge in island hopping or luxury beach clubs along the Caribbean coast or relax in the exquisite charm of Santa Marta's boutique accommodations, where luxury meets nature's embrace at the convergence of lush jungle, serene river and sparkling sea. Uncover hidden treasures amid exclusive Playa Cristal's golden shores and crystal-clear waters. Journey deeper into Santa Marta's Sierra Nevada for a Sierra Nevada Chocolate Experience or a captivating Minca Coffee Trail & Scenic Hike.

Or, embark on an enchanting odyssey from the vibrant heart of Medellin to the sun-kissed shores of Santa Marta. Discover hidden gems as Medellin's metamorphosis unfolds before you, blending past and present in a vibrant tapestry. Navigate the city’s bustling streets and pulsating nightlife, or choose between ascending mystical heights in Guatape or venturing into a verdant coffee farm.

In Santa Marta, peel back layers of history on a guided tour, then surrender to nature's embrace at Cabo San Juan in Tayrona National Park. Traverse the ancient Taironaka Archeological Trail and, if you’re a thrill seeker, surrender to the whims of the Don Diego River on an exhilarating tubing escapade.

OUT in Colombia is based in one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, and protecting its natural environment is critical to the long-term sustainability of its tourism industry. The operator’s tour packages are designed around a mix of culture, nature, nightlife and entertainment, and community. The company strives to promote meaningful intercultural exchanges that celebrate Colombia’s diverse cultures.

OUT in Colombia works with local LGBT+ entrepreneurs to help develop tourism products that become part of its packages. It also creates opportunities to take part in the country's growing tourism industry. Ensuring the economic benefits of tourism are shared among the community, supporting local economies, is one of the operator’s major commitments.