Monday, November 6, 2023

'We Live Here: The Midwest' on Hulu this December

"We Live Here: The Midwest" is a poignant documentary set to premiere on Hulu on December 6, exploring the lives of LGBTQIA+ families in the heartland of America. The film delves into their stories, revealing the struggles and resilience they exhibit as they confront biased legislation and mounting prejudice.

In the Midwest, where traditional values are deeply rooted, LGBTQIA+ families face daily challenges that test their determination. The documentary portrays their diverse experiences:

One family in Iowa, a trans/queer family with five children, must find a new community after being expelled from their church. Their story is one of rebuilding and searching for acceptance.

In Nebraska, a gay Black couple with a young daughter tests the boundaries of acceptance in their community, highlighting the intersectionality of their identities.

In Kansas, a lesbian couple decides to homeschool their bullied son on a farm, creating a safe space while standing up against discrimination in their local school system.

In Ohio, an inspiring gay teacher dedicates his career to creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students, pushing for greater acceptance and understanding.

In Minnesota, a couple faces the challenges of rebuilding their lives following their transitions, reflecting the enduring strength of love and unity.

The documentary also features Minnesota State Rep. Heather Keeler, a queer mother who fearlessly brings LGBTQIA+ rights to the political forefront, even in the face of ongoing death threats. Her dedication to creating change serves as a powerful example.

"We Live Here: The Midwest" captures a crucial time in history, where anti-queer legislation and sentiment are on the rise across the country. It showcases the resilience, love, and determination of LGBTQIA+ families and emphasizes the enduring values that unite them.