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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Denver PrideFest 2012: It's official, Gay Day at Elitch Gardens is here!

It's back and it's finally official! Elitch Gardens Pride Day - aka Gay Day at Elitch's will take place on Monday, June 18.

Denver's gay community and supporters will be able to keep the spirit of PrideFest 2012 going at Elitch Gardens with all the roller coasters, water slides and live shows your little gay heart desires.

This year, Denver PrideFest is set for June 16 and 17—but Elitch Gardens is keeping the celebration going for another fun-filled day!

All Day Admission PLUS a souvenir cup with FREE Refills all day!
Only $39.99! 
Buy Now! 
–—Or All Day Admission——
Only $29.99!
 Buy Now!

*Discounts not available at the front gate.*

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mile High Freedom Band: Coasters for Caring

Raise money for Mile High Freedom Band and save more than half off tickets to Elitch Gardens by taking part in Coasters for Caring.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Gay Day at Elitch Gardens

Ok, after Family Field Day, PrideFest, and now Gay Day at Elitch Gardens, I am sunburned, exhausted and have maybe two functioning brain cells to my name so I'm gonna keep this simple.

Gay Day at Elitch's was awesome and drew many gays and gay-friendlies such as Action Ross Extreme,

James Roy and friends,


and these guys.

My friends and I went on the Tower of Doom,

Disaster Canyon, The Mind Eraser,

and the wooden roller coaster.

They were awesome.

I ate pizza,

funnel cake,

and cheese fries.

Now, I am going to sleep or else I'll die.