Wednesday, December 13, 2017

BREAKING: Bermuda Senate Votes to Repeal Marriage Equality

Today, the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, urged the Governor of Bermuda — John Rankin — to veto legislation passed by the Bermuda Parliament repealing marriage equality. If the measure becomes law, the British overseas territory will become the first territory in the world to take away the right of same-sex couples to marry. The Bermuda Tourism Authority has warned of severe consequences if the measure becomes law.

“If Governor Rankin signs this measure into law, it will rip away the right of loving same-sex couples in Bermuda to marry. That’s unconscionable,” said Ty Cobb, director of HRC Global. “With international business and tourism as its major industries, Bermuda’s people, international reputation, and economy would all be harmed by this legislation. It is crucial that Governor Rankin reject this assault on equality.”

Under the guise of passing domestic partnership benefits, the bill seeks to strip loving same-sex Bermudan couples of the right to marry. The effort is being led by the Progressive Labour Party, which took power in July. Passed by the Bermuda Senate today, the legislation was also approved by the Bermuda House of Assembly late last week. It now goes to Governor Rankin — who is the representative of the British monarch — for consideration.

In a letter to Senators, the Bermuda Tourism Authority warned of consequences for the tourism industry if the measure becomes law, citing economic fallout over anti-LGBTQ measures in North Carolina and Indiana. The letter states, “Significantly, it’s not only LGBT travelers that care about equal rights based on sexual orientation. Our research indicates many companies, consumers and travelers, including the overwhelming majority of the younger visitors powering Bermuda’s growth, care about this issue. It’s why the fallout in North Carolina and Indiana has proven so detrimental.”

Bermuda achieved marriage equality through a Supreme Court ruling in May this year. In the case brought by Bermudian Winston Godwin and his Canadian partner Greg DeRoche, the couple challenged the Registrar-General’s rejection of their application to marry. According to Grant Spurling, a lawyer who represented the couple in the marriage equality case, “the (Bermuda Supreme) Court is bound by legislation” under Bermuda’s legal system, unlike in the United States where courts can overturn legislation or policies that violate the Constitution. Thus, Bermuda’s legislature has primacy over the courts in many instances.

Nation's Top Family Lawyers Oppose State Religious Exemption Laws for Adoption

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), an organization comprised of the nation’s top 1,650 family law attorneys, today announced that it has adopted a resolution supporting the equal treatment of all qualified parents - regardless of gender or sexual orientation – throughout the process of placing children in foster care or adoption.  The Academy has become increasingly concerned that discrimination has crept into a number of States, in the form of “religious exemption laws,” that allow individuals and organizations to negatively target potential parents and to engage in prejudicial behavior based upon their own personal beliefs. 

“We firmly believe that protecting the best interests of a child should be one of the highest priorities in the practice of matrimonial law,” said Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. “The Academy urges every State to support legislation that ensures equal treatment of all qualified parents, which would help to ultimately place more foster children in permanent homes.”    

In all, the Academy’s resolution calls for States to create or alter policies in order to ensure that the best interests of children in foster care override any form of discriminatory treatment of potential parents that might be based upon gender identity or sexual orientation.  In addition, the AAML will be working with its State Chapters to help further support measures that can close adoption shortage gaps, which may have been worsened by any discriminatory approval practices.

The AAML Resolution Against Discriminatory Practices In The Placement Of Foster Care & Adoption has been posted on the group’s website at:  It has been crafted by the AAML LGBT Committee, which is dedicated to helping same-sex couples and families overcome the many challenges that they continue to experience.

Civil and Human Rights Coalition Applauds Withdrawal of Mateer, Decries Confirmation of Willett

Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement after the White House indicated the nomination of Jeffrey Mateer to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas will not be moving forward, while at the same time, the Senate voted, on a party-line basis, to confirm Don Willett to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit:

“Jeffrey Mateer should not serve as a federal judge, and we welcome the decision to not move forward on his nomination. He failed to disclose to the Senate outrageous comments demonstrating clear bias. As is now widely known, Mateer described transgender children as proof of “Satan’s plan.” He also blasted efforts to prevent gay conversion therapy, a practice that groups like the American Pediatric Association and American Psychiatric Association have said is mentally harmful. Such a person is not worthy of a lifetime appointment to the federal judiciary.

Instead of continuing their rush to pack the courts, President Trump, Leader McConnell, and Chairman Grassley must engage in a more deliberative process and move forward on nominees who will rule fairly. The people place incredible trust in our federal judiciary, and only those worthy of that awesome responsibility should be confirmed. However, the welcome news about Mateer and Brett Talley is marred by the confirmation of yet another unworthy Trump judicial nominee. Don Willett has expressed antipathy to women’s rights in the workplace, and his confirmation to the powerful federal court of appeals is an affront to equal dignity for women, especially at this moment in history. He has advanced a troubling right-wing agenda throughout his career, both on and off the bench. Willett’s record of extreme legal views earned him a place on then-candidate Trump’s list of 21 potential Supreme Court nominees assembled by the far-right Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society. He has a clear conservative bias and a disturbing record not only on sex discrimination, but also on LGBTQ rights, voting rights, equal opportunity, and affirmative action.”

Last month, The Leadership Conference sent a letter to the Senate urging opposition to Willett. That letter is available here.

Victory Fund Endorses Three Historic LGBTQ Candidates for 2018

Today Victory Fund, the only national organization dedicated to electing LGBTQ leaders to public office, endorsed three candidates who can make history with election wins in 2018. Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, running for Nevada Secretary of State, would become the first openly LGBTQ person to win statewide office in Nevada and one of just four openly LGBTQ statewide elected officials in the United States. New Hampshire Executive Councilor Chris Pappas, running for U.S. Congress, would become the first openly LGBTQ person elected to Congress from the state, and Judge John Arrowood would become the first openly LGBTQ person to win a statewide race in North Carolina if elected to the Court of Appeals.

“The 2018 election cycle is on-track to be a historic one for our community – with more openly LGBTQ people running for office in more places,” said Victory Fund President & CEO Annise Parker. “These three endorsees are poised to be groundbreaking candidates, running for elected offices that have never been held by LGBTQ leaders. Yet while they are historic candidacies, we know they can win on election day because they are strong candidates with long track records of addressing the needs of their communities. Victories for these three candidates will tick off milestones in our movement for equality, but importantly, will also improve the lives of the people they serve.”

This is the third round of endorsements by Victory Fund for the 2018 election cycle. The complete slate of 22 openly LGBTQ candidates can be seen at

Since 1991, Victory Fund has helped thousands of openly LGBTQ candidates win local, state and federal elections.

Cherry Creek North: Have You Ever Been Someplace That Just Feels Right?

One hundred and forty years ago, Cherry Creek North was part of a small town called Harman. Since then, Cherry Creek North has emerged as a staple in the fabric of Denver and Colorado, blossoming into a very special mixed-use district.

What sets it apart? Perhaps it’s the walkability of the area, or lodging that provides all the comforts of home. Maybe it’s the laughter spilling out of a gallery during a nightly wine tasting, or alfresco dining on a patio laced with flowers. When you’re in Cherry Creek North, you can sit back and exhale. Life feels good here. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Denver Limo, Inc.: The Hottest Limos In Colorado Now at the Lowest Prices of the Year!

Denver Limo, Inc. is the leader in ground transportation in Denver, Colorado. Providing limousine service in Colorado for over 17 years, Denver Limo, Inc. has the hottest limousines, SUV limos, and Party Buses in the state - and they're currently available at the lowest prices of the year! 

The Telling Image: Shapes of Changing Times

It has been said that great artists do not see ahead of their time; rather, they are the few who see their time for what it truly is.

But what if we could see the world more clearly and better anticipate what is to come in the New Year?

As award-winning documentary filmmaker Lois Farfel Stark suggests, one way to balance the rapid changes of our technological era is shape: a key that reveal patterns of the past and helps us glimpse the future.

This is the focus her new book, The Telling Image: Shapes of Changing Times.

One example is the shape of the Big Dipper. To the Greeks and Native Americans, these same stars formed a great bear. In Medieval times these dots connected to draw a wagon. To the Chinese, they made up a heavenly goddess. Each culture saw the same set of stars but connected the dots in their own way to form a familiar shape that reflected their worldview.

If we were connecting the dots of the constellation today, perhaps we would draw a laptop computer. As Stark suggests, “The stars do not move—we change our description of them. How we describe the world inscribes our thinking.”

The Telling Image: Shapes of Changing Times reveals the powerful role shapes and patterns play in forming how humans think. As the New Year approaches, perhaps the secret to seeing ahead of our time is to see our current world with new eyes.

MGMT - When You Die

MGMT have released "When You Die," the second song from the forthcoming Little Dark Age, due out in 2018. The song was released alongside a video starring actor Alex Karpovsky. The video premiered via New Yorker, who described it as "mystical and dreamlike, a slice of life as it unravels."

Directed by Mike Burakoff and Hallie Cooper-Novack, the video takes a darkly humorous and ultimately horrifying approach to the question of life after life. Famed French singer, Sébastien Tellier, lends his silky smooth laugh to the track, as Karpovsky moves through cycles of life, death and rebirth, and the story starts feeding back onto itself. Emotions and memories smear both forward and backwards, as pieces of the scenery of his final moments of life become the textures of his forever-looped eternity.

It autoplays so it's after the jump.

Nice To See StevieB: Christmas Tree

By StevieB

To begin our celebration of Christmas, the roommate and I decided to head to the mountains in order to get our own live Christmas tree. We had decided that we would go massively overboard for Christmas this year, so this was the first step. This choice stemmed from me having just ending a nine year relationship with Mr. Scrooge himself, and the roommate, whom had roommates for years, never had his own celebration the way he wanted it to be done. First step? Go murder an innocent tree and drag it back to the house. I declared this trip into the woods triumphantly to the boy I’m dating, (still known as TMBBE, or “The most Beautiful boy ever” for the lack of a better nickname) as a normal, healthy super-Christmasy thing that normal people do. This is when he calmly informed me that he never had a Christmas tree before. Like ever…ever.

My mouth dropped open. I stammered. “Like growing up you never had a tree?” He flatly informed me that no, his family had never. The next question that came out of my mouth will forever be noted as the stupidest thing I have, or ever will say. Please note the stupidity level… I said…. “But… where did you put your Christmas presents?” Oh. My. God. There is not a more ignorant thing I possibly could of said at that point. And I said it. I was an ignorant baboon asking someone raised Hindu where they kept their Christmas presents if they didn’t have a tree. The Most Beautiful Boy Ever was polite in response to my stupidity.

What I learned is that if you take a grown man, who was raised Hindu, to a Christmas tree lot, and ask him to pick out any tree he wanted, you're going to see a lot of Christmas repression un-cork. It was non-gentile to Santa elf in 3.5 seconds. I have never had so much fun picking out a tree.

I had spent nine years with someone who saw Christmas as a hassle. A chore that involved assembling the same artificial tree over and over. Then, suddenly I was standing in a muddy field watching someone search for the perfect tree. I watched the grin on his face grow. A grin that comes from the magical act of family going to the tree lot and taking home for the perfect Christmas. I was cold, I was muddy. I was never so happy.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Aaron Carter - Don't Say Goodbye

Recently out Aaron Carter has released the lead single “Don’t Say Goodbye” off of his upcoming full-length album entitled,LøVë, which is planned for a February 2018 worldwide release. The multi-platinum pop superstar who has toured the globe with hitmakers such as Britney Spears, will be releasing the album through Z-Entertainment/RED MUSIC. “Don’t Say Goodbye” is available for streaming and purchase now.

Know Your Status - Being Sure Is Beautiful

When it comes to HIV, being sure of your status is a beautiful thing. Whether your test shows that you are HIV negative or positive, you will have the information you need to begin making important decisions to keep you healthy.

There are more than a dozen HIV and STD testing sites throughout the Denver-Metro area. Testing is free, fast and completely confidential. Find a location and get tested today.

Rhein Haus: Serving Up Weiners Und Balls in Downtown Denver

Rhein Haus is a gay-owned, two-story, 14,000 square-foot Bavarian-inspired restaurant in Downtown Denver with house made sausages, pretzels, and other authentic eats, 24 German and local drafts, Bavarian-inspired cocktail list, and four indoor bocce courts.

Call for Applications for LCR & LEF Boards of Directors

If you're interested in playing a leadership role in the nation's largest group of gay conservatives and allies, there's still time to apply!

Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) and Liberty Education Forum (LEF) are currently accepting applications for a limited number of new members for their Boards of Directors.

There is a required minimum annual financial contribution of $5,000 for Log Cabin Republicans Board of Directors members. There is a required minimum annual financial contribution of $10,000 for Liberty Education Forum Board of Directors members. Additionally, Board members are required to attend three meetings per year in-person.

Log Cabin Republicans Board membership is open to all Republicans, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Ideal candidates will have experience with local, state or national GOP politics, LGBT advocacy, business, fundraising, military service, and/or nonprofit leadership. Liberty Education Forum Board membership is open to all regardless of political affiliation.

Candidates should send a statement of interest along with a current resume to by December 31. You will be contacted soon thereafter. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis and new members will be voted on when the LCR and LEF Boards convene in January.

Dizzy - Swim

Dizzy - Swim from Dizzy on Vimeo.

Dizzy are excited to share the video for their new single, "Swim." The track is out now via independent Canadian label, Royal Mountain. DIY Mag premiered it today and noted that the track "suitably evokes the feeling of its title, diving into a world of washy synths and sharp, glacial percussion. It's laid over by vocals equally as breathy and atmospheric."