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Gay Help Wanted: MileHighGayGuy Is Hiring

Do you like working in and for the gay community? 

Are you friendly and outgoing?

Award-winning is seeking advertising sales reps. The position requires someone who is self-motivated, detail-oriented and who, preferably, is familiar with the GLBT community. This is a contract position and pay will be commission-based.

To apply, email resume and references to Drew Wilson at

Tranifesto: Small-Town Transition Blues

By Matt Kailey

A reader writes: “I’m a 16-year-old trans guy, and I came out to my mom two months ago, and my dad one month ago. They haven’t rejected me (I knew they wouldn’t), but they’re not on board with thinking of me as their son, and probably won’t be in the near future. My mom e-mailed a gender therapist recently, so I’m looking forward to my parents getting a ‘professional opinion,’ and so I can finally talk to someone who speaks my language.

“Some problems are: I don’t know how (or when) to come out to my siblings. My brother is 13, and looks up to my 18-year-old sister. My sister has treated me like less than a human being for my entire life, probably from deep jealousy that started when I was born, and I’m finally letting go of the belief that if I tried hard enough, she would show any emotion resembling love toward me. She’s leaving in the spring, and if I came out to her before that, she would probably out me to our school, and subsequently our town.

“My town has a population of 400, with less than thirty people in my high school and with two other students in my grade. I’ve lived here my whole life, and have despised it for just as long. I need to transition as soon as possible, and the only way I can think of to do that is to move to a big city, and since I’m a minor, I can’t just go and get an apartment and a job in Portland and start testosterone on my own.

“I feel guilty about wanting to ask my family if we can move, since I only have a year and a half of high school left. I also don’t want to put them through a lot of stress if I ended up coming out in this town, which is what I would need to do if I had to spend my senior year here.

“So, do you have any advice for getting my brother on my side, without him getting thrown into the middle of differing opinions within my family?

“How can I convince my parents that living this female lie is so debilitating that I can’t keep it up for even another year, and if I had to stay in this town, I would probably sink into a very deep, deep depression?

“And this isn’t as important, but I’ll ask it anyway: do you think me acting masculine on some days and effeminate on others would confuse them, or that they would have a harder time believing I’m male?”

First I would like to say that I have never known a family that picked up and moved because their teenage child asked them to. Maybe it’s my generation, but my parents would not have even paid attention to such a request. Your parents are probably settled, with jobs, a house, and a life where they are, so I can’t imagine them moving because you ask them to. Again, times might be different now or your family might be different. But I wouldn’t count on them moving.

I’m going to answer your questions in reverse order, because the ideas seem to flow better.

3. I think that you acting masculine on some days and feminine on other days would confuse them and they would have a harder time believing that you’re male. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. You should be who you are. But most people still subscribe to stereotypical masculine and feminine gender roles, most people misunderstand the trans experience, and most people would assume that a trans man would be naturally masculine and a trans woman would be naturally feminine – and they are easily swayed into disbelief when they don’t see what they expect to see.

In the process of educating them, you can explain to them why this might be so and why none of your behaviors or other forms of gender expression mean that you are not trans or not a guy. This is just the way gender is – it’s not hard and fast, it’s not cut and dried. Once you get hooked up with a therapist, he or she can explain that to them as well.

2. I don’t know your parents, so I’m not sure how you can convince them that you need to transition now, because different people respond to, and are motivated by, different things. I don’t know if you have tried telling them that outright and if they have not believed you, or what the circumstances are. You could try telling them exactly that, if you haven’t already. You could show them this letter. You could hope that you will get hooked up with your therapist soon, and he or she can tell them, as well.

I don’t know if there is someone in another town who you could go stay with so that you could start this process, or if you would be able to do it in that small town as long as you had your parents’ support. You say that you really won’t be able to stay and transition there, but you might not have any choice, if there is nowhere for you to go and if your parents won’t move. So you should probably talk to your parents about this and do your best to make them understand.

For that, you will need to be mature, calm, and articulate, with your arguments reasoned out ahead of time. You will have to be careful not to let your emotions get the best of you, no matter how frustrating the discussion is. It would also help if you had some possible plans to present to them, or some ideas to present about what you want and need from them. But I think you just have to keep talking to them.

Them seeing you as their son right now is not the most important issue. The most important issue is that you don’t think that you can wait any longer to start transitioning. That’s what you need to talk to them about – not them seeing you as their son. That will come with time. The urgency is in how you are feeling about transition.

1. I also don’t know how you can get your brother on your side, because I don’t know the relationship between the two of you. You say he looks up to your sister, but you don’t say how you and he get along. If you feel that your sister will sabotage anything that you try to do with regard to your brother, then I would suggest that you wait until she’s gone and then talk to him.

He might not be on your side. This is a big deal, and at thirteen, he might not be prepared for something like this or know how to handle it. On the other hand, he might be a big ally for you. But without knowing the relationship, it’s hard for me to say, so you might want to concentrate on getting things in line with your parents, and once they are on board, or at least some things are underway, then you can talk to your brother, and they can help you.

Right now, I think the most important thing is to find a therapist, because your mother seems amenable to that. Once therapy is started up, these other issues might fall into place. I know it seems like forever to wait even a day, but remember that transition is a process, and it sometimes takes years to get to where you want to be. It will help if you do one thing that moves you in the right direction, and that one thing seems to be finding a therapist. So start with that. Good luck.

(Editor's Note: Despite the fact that Matt Kailey, one of my closest friends, passed away earlier this year I will continue to republish his writing on - as I did when he was alive - as a resource for the gay community to know more about trans people. This post originally appeared on Matt Kailey's award-winning website

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In The Heat Of The Moment

Chasing Yesterday marks a new chapter and sound for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.   It's the first album to be produced as well as written by Noel and features a much broader array of instrumentation than ever before; the result is a rich, expansive and multi-layered record, drawing from a range of disparate influences - from west coast rock to classic rock'n'roll and even some space jazz (!) - whilst still being very obviously a completely cohesive body of work. On producing the album, Noel said:

"It was a major pain in the arse. It's not that I've ever had people telling me what to write or what direction to go in, but managing sessions from one end of the week to the other proved extremely difficult. I had all these people looking at me and saying: 'right, what are we doing today?' I was making the whole thing up as I went along."

The first single to be taken from the album will be, 'In The Heat Of The Moment.' This hypnotic track was inspired by a documentary in which an astronaut said that going into space for the first time feels like touching the face of God. "If that's not an opening line for a song I don't know what is" said Mr Gallagher.

World OutGames Miami Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

World OutGames Miami has launched a global crowdfunding campaign in anticipation of the sports, human rights and cultural event taking place in Miami and Miami Beach May 26 to June 4, 2017.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is $200,000, said Bruce Townsend, chair of the World OutGames host committee, the Miami Beach-Miami Sports & Cultural League. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the donor’s local laws
Revenue from the crowdfunding campaign will go towards establishing the World OutGames Miami Outreach Fund, a program to provide financial assistance to participants from around the world who may otherwise not have the financial resources to attend the Games. Additional funds generated from the campaign will support World OutGames Miami’s global outreach program to ensure LGBTQI and allied participants from the four corners of the globe are invited to Miami as well as provide operations funding to prepare for the event which is less than 1,000 days away.

The 60-day crowdfunding campaign will be hosted by Indiegogo, the first and largest global crowdfunding site, where donations can be made at

Denver On Its Way to Best Convention Year Ever

Denver has already hosted 319,445 convention delegates in the first three-quarters of 2014, a 2 percent increase over the 312,536 delegates who attended conventions here in the same time period last year. With a very strong fourth quarter of meetings coming up, VISIT DENVER, The Convention & Visitors Bureau, is estimating that 2014 should finish with a minimum of 422,000 delegates, significantly up over the previous best year of 2013, in which Denver had 385,292 delegates, and better than 2008, when the Democratic National Convention helped attract 378,863 delegates.   

“We have a number of factors coming together to make this our best year ever,” said Richard Scharf, president & CEO of VISIT DENVER. “First, we have an extremely strong convention calendar of meetings. We always knew 2014 would be a good convention year with large groups like SIA SnowSports, American Academy of Dermatology and Risk Insurance Management Society. Not only did we have a large number of meetings booked for Denver in 2014, but the conventions we had are all in industries that are seeing increases in convention attendance,” Scharf said. 

Melissa Etheridge on Gay Marriage, Obama, Marijuana & Her New Self-Released Album

Music icon Melissa Etheridge sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” to talk about the ‘panic’ in her industry, Obama's job performance, legalizing marijuana and her new self-released album.

The Oscar winner also talked about why 'coming out' in 2014 isn't always an easy decision, “It’s still very ingrained into our society that men and women is correct.” 

And Melissa discussed why the country has come around so fast on the issue of gay marriage and rates the president’s slow action on gay marriage rights, “It can’t be easy to be President, it can’t be easy… but as a President I think he’s doing ok...Politics is just about this side and that side and where you’re going to land and you got to wait till public opinion gets up there.” 

As a cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridge explained how medical marijuana got her through it and why cannabis should be legal across the board, “I think it could help our society incredibly.”

The episode is now LIVE on and


CONFEX, Latin America’s leading LGBT conferences and Exhibitions Company has confirmed the city of Merida in Mexico’s Yucatan as the host of the Fifth edition of its LGBT Business Expo, Latin America's leading LGBT business event. The expo is scheduled to take place from September 18- 9, 2015.

The LGBT Business Expo is a B2B and consumer event targeting all elements of the LGBT community. Designed to maximize networking business and educational opportunities, the event has continually grown since its inaugural event in 2011 in Puerto Vallarta, doubling in scale with its 2012 edition in Cancun and continued its growth in 2013's International LGBT Business Expo in Guadalajara, Mexico and 2014’s edition in Vallarta-Nayarit.

In 2015, education presentations and workshops will be included from many leading global LGBT thought-leaders focusing in the platforms: Tourism, Corporate, Film, Academic, Entrepreneurs, Technology, and Media. It will also present a new academic platform entitled "International Congress on Sexual Diversity Studies" inviting leading researchers from universities worldwide.

LGBT Confex will be working with the city of Yucatan, its tourism and convention bureau, local entrepreneurs targeting the LGBT consumer and the State of Yucatan to feature the diversity of activities and services that the city has to offer for the LGBT Consumer.

CEO of LGBT Confex, Ruben Sandoval, said "We are very pleased and excited to have Merida as our host city for the Fifth Edition of the LGBT Business Expo as the city embodies Mexico’s Pre-Hispanic, Colonial and contemporary realities. It is a city unique in Mexico and one that has embraced the LGBT community.”

The Dog: The Real Story Behind 'Dog Day Afternoon'

Coming of age in the 1960s, John Wojtowicz' libido was unrestrained even by the libertine standards of the era, with multiple wives and lovers, both women and men. In August 1972, he attempted to rob a Brooklyn bank to finance his lover's sex- reassignment surgery, resulting in a fourteen-hour hostage situation that was broadcast live on television. Three years later, John was portrayed by Al Pacino as “Sonny,” and his crime immortalized in one of the most iconic movies of all time, Dog Day Afternoon. The film had a profound influence on Wojtowicz (who pronounced his name "Woto-wits"), and when he emerged from a six-year prison term, he was known by his nickname: "The Dog."

Drawing upon extraordinary archival footage, the film shuffles between the 1970s and the 2000s. Touching upon the sexual revolution of the 1970s, we gain a first- hand perspective on New York's historical gay liberation movement in which Wojtowicz played an active role. In later footage, he remains a subversive force, backed by the unconditional love and headstrong wit of his mother Terry. The hows and whys of the bank robbery are recounted in gripping detail by Wojtowicz and various eyewitnesses, and don’t necessarily always align with one another. Directors Allison Berg & Frank Keraudren began filming The Dog in 2002, and their long-term dedication pays off in this unforgettable portrait capturing all of the subject's complexity. John is, by turns, lovable, maniacal, heroic, and self-destructive. To call him larger than life feels like an understatement. Passionate and profane, The Dog makes no apologies for being who he is: "Live every day as if it's your last and whoever doesn't like it can go fuck themselves and a rubber duck."

THE DOG is available now on iTunes and

Tamar Braxton - Let Me Know

Tamar Braxton has unveiled the video for her brand new single “Let Me Know” featuring Future. The track is available on iTunes and all digital retailers.
“Let Me Know” is the first single from her highly anticipated follow-up to 2013’s chart-topping, Grammy Award-nominated Love and War [Streamline/Epic Records]. Once again, her instantly recognizable voice shines with striking power, carrying honest and heartfelt lyrics over captivating R&B production. At the same time, Future adds an otherworldly spark to the track for their very first collaboration.

You’ll know it’s Tamar as soon as you hear it…

Catholic Church leaders reject pro-LGBT synod language

Language supportive of the LGBT community has been removed from a Vatican document formally known as the Relatio of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, according to a statement released last weekend by Catholic Church leaders. 

Objections from conservative clergy members led to the removal of the phrase "welcoming homosexual persons," as well as language about "homosexuals [having] gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community."

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We will change the future of HIV/AIDS in Denver and throughout Colorado. It's no longer a dream. We will change the future of HIV/AIDS. There is not a cure or vaccine yet, but remarkable advances have transformed HIV from being a deadly infection to a manageable, chronic disease. The future of HIV/AIDS is in our hands.

What you can do - Test, Talk, PrEP, PEP, Treatment, End Stigma.

Free Krump Class with Miss Prissy

Monday, November 3, 6:00-8:30pm, downstairs in Carlson Gym on the University of Colorado Boulder main campus. LOCAL Theater Company is offering a FREE krump dance class with L.A.’s Miss Prissy, featured in the David LaChapelle film “Rize.”

Students will learn the key elements of Krump culture as well as the fundamentals of the dance style from Miss Prissy, aka The Queen of Krump. Miss Prissy will speak on the origins of Krump's context and teach choreography. Students will work in small groups to explore their personal freestyle.

The class is FREE and open to the public-- all ages and levels. Reservations are strongly recommended. See for the online reservation form.

Check out some of Miss Prissy's work below. 

Nationwide Casting Call: Are You The Ultimate Santa Claus?

The Casting Firm is looking for men and women who embody the spirit of Santa Claus to compete in holiday-themed challenges for a cash prize on a brand new Christmas competition series!

Are you Santa Claus at home, work, parties, or for charity?

Are you known for extravagant holiday décor, Christmas carols and being the go-to Santa in your neighborhood?

Are you obsessed with Christmas? Do you feel like it’s your job to bring Christmas cheer to your family, friends and neighbors?

If so, get ready to jingle your bells and practice your "Ho Ho Ho", because you could win the best present this holiday season...A BIG CASH PRIZE plus the chance to be SANTA CLAUS on a CHARITABLE ADVENTURE!