Monday, July 28, 2014

VICE NEWS PRESENTS YOUNG AND GAY: JAMAICA'S GULLY QUEENS's critically acclaimed series returns to chronicle the extraordinary lives of Jamaica’s LGBTQI community who have found freedom and acceptance in the sewers of Kingston. 

The new documentary, which comes months after the release of Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, investigates Jamaica’s murky history with homophobia. In a country where the colonial-era Buggery Law, which criminalizes sodomy, still exists and carries a ten-year prison sentence, VICE News explores how young trans girls and gay men are leading the fight against Jamaica’s institutionalized homophobia through visibility, fierce community spirit, and an outspoken attitude towards their position in society.

Click here to watch Young and Gay: Jamaica's Gully Queens on VICE News.

The Advocate Presents the 2014 “40 Under 40," Your Vote Decides Who Gets the Cover!

Each day for the next week, The Advocate will reveal two honorees from its annual “40 Under 40” list. Then, this Friday, readers will be asked to visit The Advocate’s Facebook fan page and cast their vote for the honoree they would like to appear on a special digital cover of the magazine. Voting will be open for one week (August 1 – 8) while fans decide who should earn the coveted cover spot. The winning cover, which will run online only, will be revealed in mid-August along with the remaining “40 Under 40” honorees.

“There are so many voices competing to be heard now. With this year’s “40 Under 40,” called ‘Emerging Voices,’ The Advocate is raising up LGBT people who have an important message. These people have something to say, and we think it’s worth your time to pause and really listen. Aside from that, they’ll also just make you really proud to be LGBT,” says Lucas Grindley, editorial director for Here Media.

Today’s honorees in the running for the digital cover spot are:

Janet Mock — Janet Mock is one of mainstream media's smartest voices on how to cover trans people. If there's anyone journalists should listen to, it's Mock. Because Janet Mock is part of the media, she has an uncommon authority when explaining to other journalists for the hundredth time why some questions are just plain wrong to ask her and other transgender women. Read more at:

YouTube Sensations Bria & Chrissy and RJ & Will —Meet Bria Kam & Chrissy Chambers and Will Shepherd & R.J. Aguiar, two same-sex couples using social media to show America what our love looks like. Read more at:

She Keeps Bees - Is What It Is

Today, She Keeps Bees have unveiled the video for "Is What It Is", the lead single from
their new album Eight Houses. The video, directed by Keith Musil, is a powerful companion to the already stunning song, one of two on the album that feature Sharon Van Etten on back-up vocals. This haunting song and video are indicative of the beautiful timelessness that She Keeps Bees have created with Eight Houses, out September 16th on Future Gods Records.

House bill aims to ensure Social Security benefits for same-sex spouses

Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., last week introduced legislation that seeks to guarantee Social Security benefits for same-sex spouses in the U.S

Most same-sex spouses who live in states without marriage equality are ineligible for Social Security survivor and retirement benefits, according to the Department of Justice.

Nice to See StevieB: Under My Skin

By StevieB

This weekend found me yearning to get out of town. That's probably why Friday evening you would of spotted my Jeep speeding through Boulder, Colorado on an escape to the Rocky Mountains. My first road trip in the new monster Jeep, and I have to say it was amazing. Switch backs and two lane roads as mountain passes came and went. Finally.

As I grow older I am finding that I can only really think when I'm on an open highway. Cranking up the new sound system and digging obscure tracks off the bottom of my iPod. An adventure was had, just me and my trusty Jeep, a new steed.

It was this freedom that opened up my head to mull over tiny specs of brain lint. Like... should I move to the Pacific North-West. Or, since I'm over 40 is it time to stop seeking out every trendy haircut. Can a guy my age really pull off sporting untied high tops? I did; however, come to terms with finally settling on a tattoo. Yes I still plan on getting a Latin phrase inked vertically upon my side. 

Now, most dude these days have something in either Latin, Italian or "old"English tattooed upon their sides. They choose this or the logo for Cadillac. Typically the phrase is a motto the dude lives by, like "know thy self" or "Only god can judge." I was seeking a motto that defined me. But, who was I? Upon this road trip, through the high cliffs of the Rocky Mountains I found my life's motto. An epigram for my purpose in life. That short shibboleth sentence that would define me. My version of Holden's Red Hunting Hat. Right upon a hair-pin turn that I took too fast it hit me; my slogan to permanently ink into my skin....

lectisternia angustum est vita vilis 

This post originally appeared on Steven Bennet's website Nice to See StevieB. Republished with permission.

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Russian court: Pro-LGBT group violates the rights of straight citizens

A district court in St. Petersburg, Russia, last week determined that LGBT organization Coming Out is a "foreign agent" that violates the rights of straight citizens in the country. The group, which plans to appeal the ruling, faces the possibility of being registered as a foreign-agent nongovernmental organization, which would subject it to tighter regulations.

Study finds anti-LGBT legislation and stigma hastens spread of HIV

A study released last week at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, indicates that stigma and discrimination have roles in the global AIDS epidemic. The study shows that in countries with discriminatory laws criminalizing gay male sex, patients who did not receive treatment for the virus because of fear of prosecution were more likely to transmit the virus.

Polis drafts new version of ENDA

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., last week introduced a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would narrow a religious exemption included in a previous version of the bill. Polis is the lead sponsor of ENDA in the House.

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Another Victory for Marriage Equality: Colorado marriage ban again ruled unconstitutional

A federal judge last Wednesday struck down Colorado's marriage equality ban, but issued a temporary stay of the ruling pending an appeal. The ruling is the 27th consecutive pro-marriage equality ruling to come from a federal or state court since last year's Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, and the second involving Colorado's law, according to

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ask Eric Anything: My Friend Is Dating A Racist

By Eric Kehela

Eric Kehela enjoys being a full time life enthusiast with a zest for the finer things in life which include positive thinking and manifesting a wonderful day each day; he is multilingual and holds a BA in Speech Communications from San Francisco State University and is pursuing an MS in Professional Counseling.
With a passion for writing and performing, Eric uses his honed skills and intuition to guide, communicate and connect with the people around him. 

The best advice he can give is, “Grow from light and always find truth within you. Reach for the galaxies, shoot beyond the stars and always aim with your heart.”

Dear Eric,

One of my oldest and closest friends is dating someone new. The bad news is that this guy made some racist comments/jokes the first time we met and racism of any kind is simply a deal-breaker for me. My friend doesn’t excuse the comments but he claims he didn’t hear them.

When I told him that I didn’t think I could be cool with someone like that he told me I was overreacting and not to take it so seriously. To me there’s no such thing as taking racism too seriously and now in addition to being pissed off and disgusted by the guy who made the comments, I’m incredibly disappointed and angry at my friend to the point where I think I’m ready to walk away from a ten-year friendship over it.

Am I overreacting? I don’t think I am. I don’t think it would have been overreacting if I had punched the guy right in the face when it happened. And now I kind of regret that I didn’t. I'm mostly just venting but if you have some insight I'd love to hear it.

Sincerely, Frustrated Friend

Dear Frustrated,

Nothing turns anyone off more than negativity, racist remarks and the ignorance that perpetuates such nonsense. 

Remember that you aren't dating this guy, your friend is; therefore, tread lightly. You are entitled to your feelings; however you are responsible for your reaction and that which your nonverbal-communication can express. Are you not expressing something? Are you perhaps more in-like with your friend than you are letting on? Perhaps you have not come to terms with the fact that you are indeed falling in love with your friend. If this friend of yours has been in your life for so long, you should be used to his antics and personality by now. Therefore, are you attracted to him and this is the reason why you are sensitively reacting in this manner? As racist, intolerable and inexcusable comments are made every day, nationwide, globally: regardless of skin color, the land of origin or the planet one comes from, individuals are judged, yet it doesn't take away from the fact that we are each walking our path through life. Whilst others may mask insecurities with tasteless jokes, pointless banter, mindless chitchat and small-talk, you don't; ergo, don't make it personal, it isn't about you. 

Are these racist comments that bother you, a genuine reaction to an upset caused by your friend being with him and not with you? Is this secretly just an excuse for you to cope, because the presence of another guy with him bothers you? To thine own self be true. There's no one like you. 

If you answered yes, you need to effectively express yourself without allowing emotion to impede.

If you answered no, you still need to effectively express yourself without allowing emotion and personal ideals to get in the way of telling your friend that this guy maybe isn't the right one for him (his energy being a main-factor). Your friendship has longevity, he should trust and value your thoughts. If it matters to you, it matters.

Whether your friend chooses to regard or disregard such banter is his doing and not of your concern. Whom he surrounds himself by is his choice and not yours. Granted he is your dear friend, you must remember you aren't dating him; therefore, his proclivities should not be of your concern. 

The fact that you are sensitive to these matters - even if he's just your friend, only proves that you have evolved, whilst your friend chooses to regress and surround himself with those whom belittle others and degrade other cultures.Yes, you may still care about your friend, though your feelings do not entitle you to make a judgement-call on others' expression. 

Live and let live, don't toxify your psyche with individuals who have no regard for others. Even in jest, such comments should not be made, for they are abusive, bully-worthy, hurtful, ignorant and downright unnecessary. 

If your intuition is guiding you away from this long-term friend, honor that which you feel and move forward. People come into our lives for a reason and a season. When that reason and season are finished it is time to start fresh. You learned something valuable through this friend. If anything, be thankful that you rose above those who speak out of ignorance and lack of love. 

Being in tune only makes you a better you for you, and a better you for others - if you will. 

Thus, this is a new season and a reason to start anew.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Health and wellness happen both at home and in the gym—and Intinct's August/September issue is covering all your bases. Cover guy Ty Vincent knows a thing or two about fitness, as owner of a CrossFit gym (and as owner of that bangin’ body), so it was no wonder this health expert found his way onto the cover to kick things off.

In this month’s cover story, Ty shares his vast experiences in the industry—from working with world-renowned HIV specialists to personal training and his eventual love for the CrossFit phenomenon—as well as his adventures in long-distance dating. (Yes, boys, he’s taken. But you can still look.) Continuing on the wellness trend, Instinct's also taking a look at holistic medicine and natural remedies in a special naturopathy 101 feature. From fasting to teas, find out how we can all do a little more work to naturally feel well.

Of course with all this work on healing our insides, you’ll want to be sure your outsides look just as good. So the expanded Image section covers all the best organic and natural products you can rub, wash and slather on! 

Elsewhere in the August/September issue, Olympian and LGBT icon Greg Louganis climbs up the Soapbox and talks about having his life turned into an inspiring new documentary, filmmakers Jack Plotnick and Carter Smith share insights on their new films—both out this fall—and we take a little trip to the south and find out where all those good, handsome gentlemen are hiding out. Plus Instinct's fashion experts have sat through fabulous show after fabulous show, all to bring you a sneak peek at what’s to come in cold-weather wear.

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