Friday, February 24, 2017

Stonewall Fitness: Busting the Myths of Cardio

By David Smith

Cardiovascular exercise has been getting quite a bad reputation lately. It is indeed strenuous, can be long and with such other replacements such as High Intensity Interval Training, Crossfit, Powerlifting and what not. People are quick to ditch a long cardio session for a something better if anything at all, but is cardio really all that bad?

​Cardiovascular exercise has been apart of the human experience for thousands of years, both long endurance and shorter, high intensity cardio. From messengers running miles and miles between ancient cities, hunters chasing after animals and people crossing oceans with nothing but ores and the wind. Even today in many parts of the world, endurance running is a part of every day life and not just for athletes.

Cardiovascular endurance, as defined is “the body’s ability to continue exertion while getting energy from the aerobic glycolysis system used to supply the body with energy.”

​What exactly does that mean? Well the body utilizes 3 systems to Creatine Phosphate system which is designed for extremely short burst of high intensity exercise (think of Usain Bolt running the 100m). It only lasts for 10-40 seconds before switching over to Anaerobic glycolysis which can maintain moderate-high intensity exercise for 30 seconds up to 2-3 minutes. Finally Aerobic Oxidative glycolysis kicks in which you can sustain moderate amounts of exercises consistently for an extended period of time. This is the system that burns fat as it’s primary fuel source.

Myth #1
Cardiovascular Exercise is bad for you, particularly your heart.

For the average person on any level of conditioning, cardiovascular exercise has been shown to improve overall health and reduce the risk of developing coronary, metabolic and pulmonary diseases.

It also helps to strengthen the heart and cardiovascular systems by increasing the strength and size of the muscle tissue and improving stroke volume (the amount of blood the heart pumps on each beat), thus improving the efficiency of each beat.

Like anything in the world, too much can have negative effects, a deconditioned person trying to run a marathon with little to no training will likely hurt themselves. Listen to your body and approach your goals with baby steps.

People with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, or high cholesterol need to be more cautious and slow in the approach. While cardiovascular exercise will help reduce these risk factors, too much too soon can have the opposite effect. 

Myth #2 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is just as good or better than aerobic cardio.

HIIT is a different mode of training than long endurance, aerobic cardio. The two certainly are not exclusive and you will burn fat with both however HIIT doesn’t fully replace regular cardio. In order to run a marathon, you have to put in long hours of running. To do a bike tour, you need to spend hours riding a bike. HIIT cardio is good when you don’t have the time for a longer training session and it’s even better to add in during a long endurance training session. It is not a good replacement for long endurance training if that is your goal.

Adding short bursts of HIIT during a long run, bike ride, swim etc. Is very beneficial to add variety to an otherwise long and boring training session as well as help train the body for more than just “survival” (as in just surviving the long run, bike ride etc.) Nothing feels better than having the energy to sprint across the finish line or to overcome another competitor, getting up when you fall or climbing a hill during a long race. 

 Myth #3

 If it gets your heart rate up, it’s cardio right?


Remember the definition of cardiovascular exercise? “The body’s ability to continue exertion while getting energy from the aerobic glycolysis system used to supply the body with energy.”

Aerobic glycolysis doesn’t happen until your already consistently exercising for 2 or more minutes at a time when your aerobic glycolysis energy system starts to burn fat as it’s primary fuel source. HIIT training and Long Endurance Cardio utilize this system because the bouts tend to last from several minutes to several hours.

Other exercises such as power lifting will get your heart rate up but you will not be able to sustain that level of training for more than a few seconds before resting, That is not cardio, that is power lifting and strength training. 

​There are many aspects of physical fitness. Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, HIIT, Flexibility and Body Composition. For the best physical fitness and health make sure your training program contains all the different components.

Pink Triangle Press Names David Walberg Executive Director

Canada's Pink Triangle Press announced today the appointment of David Walberg as its executive director, effective April 3, 2017. Walberg will lead a team of 55 staff in Toronto,Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, as announced today by board members Negar Farjadnia and Jim Bartley.

After a rigorous search, the board of directors for Pink Triangle Press (PTP) concluded that Walberg’s excellent leadership experience, along with his strong track record of success in the various positions he has held within the organization, made him an outstanding candidate for the role.“David Walberg will lead Pink Triangle Press with tremendous energy and skill,” says Gillian Rodgerson, a member of the board of directors at PTP. “His accomplishments as an activist and as a publisher, and his imaginative approach to our work, made him the right choice.”

Walberg has worked at PTP for more than 25 years, and is currently its digital chief executive. He has spearheaded major strategy and technology changes across the company, helping PTP grow as a leader in championing for LGBT rights and ensuring that the organization would be financially independent to promote sexual freedom and equality, and is continuing to enjoy growth in its audience and engagement. “I’m honoured by the opportunity to lead one of the world’s great LGBT media enterprises,” says Walberg of his appointment. “I look forward to working with our incredibly talented staff, board, contributors and partners to help keep our communities vital and strong.”

As publisher and editor-in-chief, Walberg led the flagship paper Xtra through a successful era of growth in influence, reach and revenue. He was the co-creator of PTP’s adult online dating website, leading the project from inception into a worldwide paid network. Walberg also led the expansion of PTP journalism from its print origins into new media, reaching new communities and audiences worldwide.

Walberg initiated the latest round of strategic planning at PTP and oversees the execution of its current plan which has brought financial stability to the organization. As a result of this strategy, the Press has become one of the rare media enterprises to develop a sustainable digital business model. Walberg succeeds Ken Popert, who has led PTP since 1986. Popert preserved the organization when The Body Politic, its key title at the time, ceased publication. He recreated the Press as an influential and financially viable enterprise and retires after overseeing an era of tremendous growth and change.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Working It Out - An LGBTQ Career Event

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center's annual LGBTQ career event, Working It Out, will be held on Wednesday, March 1 from 11am-2pm. 

OUT on DVD/VOD: Utopians

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to the LGBT/Drama Romance UTOPIANS (aka Tung lau hap woo), the newest feature film from Hong Kong LGBT auteur SCUD (Amphetamine, City Without Baseball).

UTOPIANS held its world premiere at the New Director’s Film Festival in Japan. The film later held its US Premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and went on to play at Outfest FUSION and the Chicago International Film Festival.

Richard Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass, and Amanda Rae Simon, Esq. negotiated the deal with writer/director SCUD and Nicky Ma of Artwalker Limited located in Hong Kong.

“My last four consecutive films were in the Chicago International Film Festival, and a friend once told me he saw one of my films looped on TV the whole night in a famous club in New York”, said writer/director SCUD. “If I could see my work on the street as well, watched by the people I adore and admire, it would be a dream come true.”

“We have long been admirers of the beautiful films from SCUD”, said Richard Ross, Co-President of Breaking Glass. “Utopians is sleek, sexual, literate and an immensely engaging work of art.”

Breaking Glass is planning a premium VOD and DVD release in early May.

Trump's Title IX guidance removal "outrageous attack on ... vulnerable"

The National LGBTQ Task Force is condemning President Trump's decision to remove guidance that helps provide protections for transgender students in our nation's education system.

"This is an outrageous attack on the most vulnerable in our education system, transgender children. At a time when young people need all the help they can get to reach their full potential, all Trump has to offer is more opportunities to discriminate against them. When every parent of a trans child needs hope and optimism for their families, all the president has to offer is pain and despair," said Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.

The historic guidance to Title IX, providing support and protections to transgender students was issued by the Obama Administration. It provided clarity on matters such as: the right of students to not be discriminated against, or bullied because of their gender identity, to be addressed by the names and pronouns that correspond to their identity, using the bathroom matching their gender identity, among others. The guidance has been challenged in court by the opponents of LGBTQ equality.

Presidential Executive Order Harmful to Transgender Children and Youth Prompts Faith in America Board to Send Letter to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions

Faith in America (FIA) today released an open letter, signed by the board of directors, sent to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding a Presidential Executive Order that, if enacted, will bring undue stress and pain to many of America’s children and youth.

Faith in America (FIA) is a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about ongoing harm caused to LGBTQ persons, especially children and youth, by religious-based prejudice. FIA seeks to change hearts and minds of religious communities on the nature of sexual orientation and gender identity, removing it permanently from “the sin list.”

The Save yOur Kids project is the most assertive project by FIA to date. SYK will bring to light the public health crisis facing America’s LGBTQ children and youth community. This executive order concerning transgender children and youth and their treatment within public spaces is an example of what SYK will fight against.

Faith in America has one of the strongest and most noted boards in America dedicated to protecting our children and youth, including signing the letter attached to this release:

Mitchell Gold: In addition to running one of America's most prestigious home furnishings manufacturing and retail businesses, Mitchell is co-founder of Faith in America.

Robert Hoffman: Co-Chair and Interim CEO for Faith in America. A former Fortune 500 Apparel Executive, Robert now works professionally as Managing Partner of Piedmont Counseling and Development Group and teaches undergraduate psychology at Lenoir Rhyne University.

Sherri Jaquays: Co-Founder of Lauren Jaquays LGBTQ Youth Alliance, formerly High Country (NC) LGBTQ Youth Alliance; successfully assisted in placing GSA in ‘conservative’ country schools.

Roberta Kaplan: Litigation partner at Paul, Weiss LLP. One of “The 100 Most Influential Lawyers” in the United States. Represented Edith Windsor in landmark civil rights case leading to Supreme Court mandating marriage equality nationwide two years later.

Shannon Price Minter: Legal Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights. Argued successfully before California Supreme Court for same sex couples. A transgender man, he is recognized as a leading expert of transgender legal issues.

Kris Perry and Sandy Stier: Paved the way for marriage equality through leadership in the landmark Supreme Court Case Hollingsworth v. Perry, leading to the defeat of California’s Prop 8 and ultimately making marriage equality the law of the land. Executive Director of the First Five Years Fund. FIA’s first board couple.

Howard Vine: Former Partner, Public Policy and Law, Dickstein Shapiro, LLP. Founding member of FIA BOD; Howard’s partner is well known talk show host, Randi Rhodes.

Phil Wells (Council): Former BOD member of Equality NC and BOG HRC. Prior to joining Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams as Corp. Counsel, he practiced at NC law firm Williams Mulllen and was Corp Counsel for Compass Group.

Bob Williams: Co-founder, President of Design, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Served on Equality NC BOD, Chair of Hickory Museum of Art, and other non-profits.

Chely Wright: Country Singing sensation, author and activist, mother of gorgeous twin boys, married to Lauren Blitzer.

See the full letter after the jump.

Trump’s Policy on Trans Students has International Impact

In the past 48 hours, the world was reminded in three gruesome incidents that transgender people are subjected to violence and discrimination every day. Yesterday, the Trump Administration revoked the Obama Administration’s guidance policy allowing trans students to use bathrooms congruent with their gender identity; on Tuesday, a trans woman named Keke Collier was murdered in Chicago; and today, Shameera Krishnan was shot and killed in Malaysia. Persecution and discrimination against the transgender community remains high globally, with few countries having legislative protections for trans citizens.

President Trump’s administration yesterday reversed a federal guidance which allowed transgender students in public schools to use bathrooms which correspond to their gender identity. The guidance enacted during the Obama administration required that schools receiving federal funding allow trans students to use facilities that are congruent with their gender identity. President Trump’s reversal now puts this decision at the hands of state legislators. At least seven states are currently considering bills that would restrict transgender people from using bathrooms which match their gender identity, following in the footsteps of North Carolina’s House Bill 2. In March the US Supreme Court will hear the first-ever case regarding this issue, a case put forth by 17-year old trans student Gavin Grimm who has been denied from using the boys bathroom in his school.

Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International remarked on Trump’s policy reversal, stating, “Bathroom access is a basic human right. With this directive, the Trump Administration is encouraging trans students to drop out of school and directing them to unemployment which leads to poor healthcare and homelessness. Unless President Trump intends to revoke citizenship for transgender youth across the country, this amounts to a failure of his alleged campaign promise of ‘America First’. The only policy that will make the US stronger is one that puts human rights first, including for transgender students.“

Also in the US, 24 year old Keke Collier, also known as Tiara Richmond, was ruthlessly shot in Chicago on Tuesday, making her the fourth known transgender woman to be shot and killed in 2017. The United States has enacted a federal hate crime law criminalizing violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity, however violence against the transgender community is prominent. In 2016 at least 21 transgender people were murdered in the United States, most were transgender women of color.

Across the globe, Shameera Krishnan, aged 27, was brutally attacked, shot, and died in the Jalan Pasar area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday morning. Discrimination and persecution against the transgender community is commonplace in Malaysia, where a religiously conservative society and application of Islamic moral policing infringe on the rights of trans people. Malaysia criminalizes homosexuality and cross-dressing. Last week the Malaysian State Religious Affairs Department released a video suggesting that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people can be trained to change their sexual orientation and gender identity to fit with heterosexual and cisgender standards.

Commenting on this week’s events, Stern said, “What happens in the United States makes news around the world, and so this decision will have negative impact beyond US borders, fueling hostility and persecution of trans and gender non-conforming people everywhere.”

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Come Out. Get Fit With Stonewall Fitness.

Looking for more guidance and direction at the gym? Someone who can help you design a workout to maximize each workout at the gym so you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible? Check out Stonewall Fitness. Whether you're just starting out or looking to mix up your current routine, no matter if your gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or straight, you can be a part of it.

Temples - Strange Or Be Forgotten


Leading into the release of Temples’ sophomore album, Volcano, out March 3rd via Fat Possum, the band is presenting the video for second single, “Strange or Be Forgotten.” Starring the band and various performance artists, and directed by James Beale, the “Strange or Be Forgotten” video deals with the importance of embracing all different sorts of expression – whether they be ordinary or extraordinary.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Do You Want To Reach Denver's Gay Community? Advertise With Denver's Best Gay Blog!

Do you want to advertise to Denver’s gay community? Of course you do, it’s the 7th largest in the United States! And the best way to reach them is with MileHighGayGuy – Colorado’s Best Gay Blog.

Just click the Advertising page or email to get started today.

Mykki Blanco, "This is the Most Bizarre Form of Homophobia I Have Ever Encountered.”

Mykki Blanco, who's 'Stunt Queen' tour comes to Denver tomorrow, claims he was threatened with arrest after being the victim of a "bizarre" homophobic airline incident.

Perfume Genius Covers The FADER's Sex Issue

Yesterday, The FADER released a cover story with artist and musician Perfume Genius for The Sex Issue in which he discusses his forthcoming album, his life struggles both before and after sobriety, and the anxieties of gay life.

It's the second cover story with an openly gay artist for this issue. The first one is with rapper Young M.A. She also performed a beautifully raw, sexually explicit original freestyle for the issue.

Including stories that take a closer look at the non-inclusive sex education program in America and one writer's experience at a gay sex party, The FADER’s first-ever Sex Issue is a place to celebrate diverse bodies and sexualities, and for people to find joy in each other in trying modern times.

National LGBTQ Task Force: Trump's Title IX guidance stance "shameful"

The National LGBTQ Task Force is condemning President Trump for reportedly planning to remove guidance that helps provide non-discrimination protections for transgender students in our nation's education system.

"Protecting those who are the most vulnerable in our education system should always be a top priority for any President of the United States and his cabinet. Their jobs should be to ensure that all students regardless of race, religion, gender, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, receive a top notch education. But Trump isn't any president: he, Pence, Sessions and DeVos are chomping at the bit to weaken our nation’s public school system and in this instance have reportedly sought to remove the few protections young transgender students have. It's shameful and we are not going to stand for it. Anyone who agrees that trans and gender nonconforming students deserve equity in our nation’s schools, should join us in calling on this administration to stop working to undermine these protections." said Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.

The historic guidance to Title IX of the Education Amendments was issued by the Obama Administration. It provides clarity on matters such as: the right of students to not be discriminated against, or bullied because of their gender identity, to be addressed by the names and pronouns that correspond to their identity, using the bathroom matching their gender identity, among others. The guidance has been challenged in court by the opponents of LGBTQ equality.

AFT Responds to Trump’s Plan to Roll Back LGBTQ Protections

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ plan to rescind Title IX guidance for transgender students:

“By rescinding these protections, the Trump administration is compromising the safety and security of some of our most vulnerable children. Children, not ideology, should be the priority.

“LGBTQ kids face a disproportionate amount of bullying and violence at school, leading to increased levels of fear, anxiety or worse. Transgender students, like their peers, want to live and learn, laugh and love. They deserve the opportunity to do that without worrying whether the attorney general, secretary of education or president of the United States will protect them.

“Reversing this guidance tells trans kids that it’s OK with the Trump administration and the Department of Education for them to be abused and harassed at school for being trans. We want to be clear to those kids: It is not OK with your teachers or with us at the AFT, and we will continue fighting to protect you.”