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Auraria LGBTQIA+ Fall Lavender Graduation

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center is seeking students from the Auraria LGBTQIA+ community who will be graduating this Fall for their Lavender Graduation ceremony. Lavender Graduation is a celebration of the accomplishment of graduation, honoring the journey and the additional obstacles that our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual + (LGBTQIA+) students had to overcome through their college and university experiences.

The Fall Lavender Graduation ceremony will be held this year on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Tivoli 440. To help prepare for participation in the event, there is a form for graduates to complete. Please forward this info on to any students that would like to participate in this year’s ceremony:

PFLAG National to Honor George Takei with Betty DeGeneres Advocate Award

PFLAG National—the nation's first and largest organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people, their parents and families, and allies—will honor actor and advocate George Takei with the 2019 Betty DeGeneres Advocate Award. The award will be presented at the PFLAG Gives Thanks reception, which will take place in New York City on Monday, November 18th.

The Betty DeGeneres Advocate Award honors a person who uses their visibility to help advance PFLAG’s vision of a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The award is named in honor of DeGeneres, mother of Ellen DeGeneres, a longtime member of PFLAG who has used her public stature to educate about the vital role PFLAG plays in providing parent, family, and ally support and affirmation of people who are LGBTQ+.

Takei is known around the world for his role in the acclaimed original TV series Star Trek, in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Starship Enterprise. But Takei’s story, which includes an acting career that spans six decades, goes where few have gone before. From a childhood spent with his family wrongfully imprisoned in Japanese American internment camps during World War II to becoming one of the country’s leading figures in the fight for social justice, LGBTQ+ rights and marriage equality, Takei remains a powerful voice on issues ranging from politics to pop culture.

It is Takei’s strong advocacy—and his ability to reach across a diversity of identities to bring people along in the conversation around LGBTQ+ equality—that made him the natural choice for this years honors.

“I am proud and honored to receive the Betty DeGeneres Advocate Award from PFLAG, an organization that has done so much to move equality forward for LGBTQ+ people over the last 46 years. I’m especially grateful for their work within the API community, and their commitment to supporting people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent with chapters dedicated specifically to those families.”

PFLAG National is strongly committed to elevating the voices of people of Asian and Pacific Island descent, particularly those who are—or love someone who is—LGBTQ+. Takei has long served as a beacon of hope for these PFLAG families, including those who participate in the PFLAG chapters in Southern California and New York dedicated entirely to this community

“When my son came out as transgender, I first turned to PFLAG for support,” said Marsha Aizumi, a PFLAG parent, member of the PFLAG National Board of Directors, and a founder of PFLAG San Gabriel Valley API. “I then looked for role models in my community, as a person of Japanese descent. Mr. Takei's visibility as an openly gay Japanese man was crucial in my family's journey of love and unconditional support of our child. I am so grateful that PFLAG National will honor Mr. Takei for his incredible work. His visibility and voice has changed lives, saved lives, and brought hope to the hearts of so many.”

PFLAG Gives Thanks will take place on Monday, November 18th, at 6:30 PM at the New York offices of PFLAG National Platinum Partner KPMG.

Jewel - No More Tears

After nearly four years, the multi-platinum recording artist Jewel returns with the heartfelt ballad "No More Tears," available now across all digital streaming platforms via Jewel's Words Matter Media/The Orchard.

"No More Tears" was written by Jewel specifically for the seminal documentary Lost In America, which hits select theaters in 2020. The powerful feature is the first film to take a national in-depth look at the issue of youth homelessness in America, highlighting the main issues that surround it: sex trafficking, the failure of the foster care system, and the rampant rejection of LGBTQ youth. Directed by former homeless youth Rotimi Rainwater, Jewel serves as the film's executive producer alongside Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, and more.

Jewel shares, "It's been a tremendous honor to be an Executive Producer and to work on this film, Lost in America. It is a subject that is so dear to my heart. I was homeless for a year when I was 18 --I started living in my car because a boss withheld my pay check when I refused his sexual advances. When my car got stolen things got more difficult from there. The issue of homeless youth is important, misunderstood and overlooked. I was so moved as I was working on this film, that I was inspired to write a song for the youth I came to know through the process. It was a transformative experience to see the film come together and to write this song and be able to record it. It's all of our jobs to make sure that there are no more youth that are lost in America."

Trans Day of Resilience Uses Art and Poetry to Uplift Black Trans Power and Liberation

Ten trans and non-binary visual artists and poets of color from across the country collaborated to honor Trans Day of Resilience (TDOR) by creating original artwork to celebrate their communities. The TDOR art project is an extension and re-imagining of Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), the annual event memorializing people, primarily Black trans women and femmes killed by anti-trans violence. The project’s goal is to expand the conversation towards honoring and supporting trans people while they are alive, and not just in memoriam.

Led by Forward Together, a national women of color-led organization, whose mission is to unite communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families, the TDOR art project acknowledges how violence disproportionately impacts trans people of color. The art project simultaneously uses visual art and poetry to uplift trans power and resilience. Trans artists and poets of color are telling their own stories of resistance, hope and liberation.

“Forward Together is honored to present this project to the world for the sixth year in a row,” said Micah Bazant, Forward Together Artist in Residence. “At a time when white supremacy and anti-trans oppression are killing trans women of color, we offer this art to share our vision of trans freedom. Trans communities of color have always existed and have always used art to survive. As the government tries to erase trans people from laws and policies, art and culture are especially critical. There is no way to erase the beauty and power of trans resistance.”

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Stories on Stage presents "Making Merry"

Stories on Stage presents "Making Merry" on Saturday, December 14 at 1:30 p.m. at the Nomad Playhouse, 1410 Quince Ave. in Boulder and Sunday, December 15 at 1:30.p.m. at the King Center, 855 Lawrence Way, Denver, CO 80204. Single tickets are $15-$28 and available online at or by calling 303-494-0523.

Stories will include "O'Brien's First Christmas" by Jeanette Winterson and "The Chanukah Glutton" by Tova Mirvis and more.

Jamie Horton, 23-year veteran, principal actor and director at the Denver Center Theatre Company, returns to Denver for this annual holiday show!  Joining him on stage is GerRee Hinshaw and Karen Slack as they all bring the spirit of the season alive!

Composer and Music Director David Nehls will provide the music for Stories on Stage this year!  David was Music Director for the Arvada Center for twelve years, directing 50 productions and winning 9 Henry Awards. His “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” made its World Premiere at Arvada Center in 2016. David, along with Betsy Kelso, wrote the two-act musical “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” and, with Christina Crawford, “Mommie Dearest: The Musical.”

Denver Animal Shelter: Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

We all love puppies and kittens. But these youngsters have a lot to learn and can be a big commitment. Skip the potty/behavior training and teething by adopting a senior pet this November! Here are just a few reasons to love aging animals: 

• Older pets have better manners. They're often already socialized, know basic commands, and are usually potty-trained.

• Senior pets are less destructive. Don't fear for your couch, your shoes, your potted plants and curtains – an older animal will be more excited by your affection than testing out its teeth and nails.

• They bring sunshine to gray times of the year. Older dogs are less likely to pull on their leash. This is especially nice in the colder months when a patch of ice and a pulling dog can cause a slip, and when a cuddly cat in your lap warms you up like a steaming cup of cocoa.

• They have a calming effect. If your life feels bonkers at times, adding a puppy or kitten to the mix isn't going to make things any easier. A senior pet resting its chin on your knee or swirling against your legs can help you brush off the chaos of the workday. 

There are several senior pets available for adoption at Denver Animal Shelter. Come meet your new companion, visit their adoptables online, like Smoky (above), November's Featured Senior Pet.

Alyssa Edwards is Back with New Docu-Series “Alyssa Raw”


“I Don't Get Cute, I Get Drop Dead Gorgeous!”

Alyssa Edwards is back with an all new docu-series “Alyssa Raw” and the return of her hit show “Alyssa’s Secret.”

Catch up on the last year of Drag Race fan favorite Alyssa Edward’s life in a new three part behind the scenes docu-series “Alyssa Raw,” coming to WOW Presents Plus on November 25th. Each episode will will bring you inside Alyssa’s world as she celebrates World Pride in NYC, flies to LA to shot the promo music video for her eyeshadow palette, and heads home to Dallas just in time to spend Easter with her loved ones.

In addition to “Alyssa Raw,” hit series “Alyssa's Secret” - the digital show in which the shining star of RuPaul's Drag Race spills the T each week on an array of topics - will be returning for a sixth season to WOWPresents.

Denver Makes WalletHub's 2019 List of Best & Worst Cities for Singles

With about 45 percent of all U.S. adults being single and the average date costing over $100, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019’s Best & Worst Cities for Singles as well as accompanying videos.
Some singles are closer to a happily ever after than they think, but it depends on where they live. To determine where singles have the highest chance of finding love, WalletHub compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 35 key indicators of dating-friendliness. The data set ranges from share of single population to number of online dating opportunities to nightlife options per capita.

Best Cities for Singles Worst Cities for Singles
1. Atlanta, GA 173. Hialeah, FL
2. Denver, CO 174. Shreveport, LA
3. San Francisco, CA 175. Winston-Salem, NC
4. San Diego, CA 176. Yonkers, NY
5. Portland, OR 177. Columbia, MD
6. Chicago, IL 178. South Burlington, VT
7. Los Angeles, CA 179. Brownsville, TX
8. Madison, WI 180. Glendale, CA
9. Seattle, WA 181. Pembroke Pines, FL
10. Portland, ME 182. Pearl City, HI

Source: WalletHub

Monday, November 11, 2019

Ugandan Authorities Amp Up Persecution of LGBTIQ People

LGBTIQ activists in Uganda confirm that on Sunday, November 10th, an LGBTIQ-friendly bar in Kampala was raided and 125 people arrested and charged with drug possession, indicating an intentional and growing persecution of LGBTIQ people in the country.

The bar in question is an LGBTIQ friendly bar, and has been used by local activists for community events for over seven years. It was the only bar raided on the evening in question, indicating a clear targeting of LGBTIQ people. According to Kuchu Times the people arrested are due to appear in court within the next couple of days.

Kasha Jacquelin, a Ugandan LGBT activist, told OutRight:
“The past has shown that it is difficult to prosecute anyone for being LGBT. Using trumped-up drug charges is a new and frightening tactic; one which is really hard to tackle and will make our battle even tougher.”

Persecution of LGBTIQ people has increased in Uganda in recent months, as rumors of the so-called “Anti-Homosexuality Act” which would impose the death penalty for same-sex relations have resurfaced. At least four people have been killed in suspected hate-motivated attacks. Arrests of LGBTIQ people have also increased. Prior to the raid carried out on November 10th, 16 people were arrested and charged with “trafficking in persons” and “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” at the end of October.

Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International, commented:
“The resurfacing of the anti-homosexuality bill in a country which already prescribes life imprisonment for same-sex relations could only have had one intention - to increase hate and stigma against LGBTIQ people, putting them at heightened risk of arbitrary detention and attack. That is exactly what is happening. The growing intensity of arrests, the clear targeting of an LGBTIQ friendly bar, makes it painfully clear that a witch hunt is being mounted against LGBTIQ Ugandans.”

Same-sex relations have been criminalized in Uganda since British colonial times. Articles on “unnatural offenses” and “indecent practices” have been retained in the Penal Code since independence. “Carnal knowledge against the order of nature” between men carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The so-called “Anti-Homosexuality Act,” prescribing a death penalty for same-sex relations, was first passed by the parliament of Uganda in 2013 and signed into law by President Museveni in early 2014. It was invalidated by the Constitutional Court of Uganda on procedural grounds the same year. According to local activists and a Thomson Reuters article, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity of Uganda, Simon Lokodo, has indicated an intention to reintroduce the bill.

One Colorado: Help Us Show What Employment Discrimination Looks Like

By Sheena Kadi, Deputy Director, One Colorado

In October, the Supreme Court heard arguments surrounding three cases of LGBTQ employment discrimination. It is currently up for debate in the highest court in the land, whether LGBTQ workers are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We want to send a message to the Supreme Court that being fired for who you love or how you identify is not okay.

If this is something you believe in, please add your name to One Colorado's Title VII People's Brief. And if you have witnessed or experienced employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, we want to hear your story. These real life examples demonstrate that LGBTQ employment discrimination does happen and it needs to stop.

We at One Colorado want to lift up the voices of LGBTQ people who have been fired, harassed, denied a promotion, or not hired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Have you experienced being harassed or discriminated at work because of who you love or how you identify? Are you a co-worker that has witnessed a colleague being harassed or discriminated against? Please share what you can here and we may contact you to gather more information. We will not share your personal information without your consent.

Thank you for helping us send a message that LGBTQ people should be protected from employment discrimination!

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Cyndi Lauper – the Grammy, Emmy and Tony-winning icon and advocate – has announced the lineup for her 9th annual Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays benefit concert, presented by Marriott International and AEG. The event will take place in Los Angeles for the first time ever at The Novo at L.A. Live on December 10th. Tickets will be available to the general public 10am PT on Friday, November 8 at

Taking the stage with Cyndi and her band this year will be a host of guests including modern pop icon Kesha, Grammy/Tony/Emmy-winner Billy Porter, 3x Grammy-winning artist Brandi Carlile, prolific chart-topper and staunch LGBTQ advocate Belinda Carlisle, blues legend Charlie Musselwhite, punk icon Henry Rollins (who will sing a Black Flag song that he hasn’t performed in over 15 years), Alternative legend and Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell with Etty Lau Farrell, smash-hit songwriter Justin Tranter, rising star and recent Elvis Duran “Artist of the Month" Emily Estefan, inventive young producer Shawn Wasabi, legendary comics Carol Leifer and Lily Tomlin, U.K. comedian and actor Gina Yashere, Grammy and Emmy-nominated actress/performer Margaret Cho, breakout indie pop star King Princess and two-time Grammy-nominated singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer K.Flay. Cyndi is also thrilled to welcome back Emmy-winner and TCU board member Carson Kressley as host.

Cyndi’s peers have rallied around her in support of Home for the Holidays, with several marquee musicians - Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Dua Lipa, Kacey Musgraves, RuPaul and Tegan and Sara, to name a few - donating items and experiences to support the concert’s corresponding charitable auction that will also take place in December.

“I’m really heartened and excited by the response I’ve gotten throughout the entertainment community,” said Lauper. “Home for the Holidays is known for always having a cool and eclectic mix of performers. The line-up so far? I mean, c’mon. Where else are you gonna see Billy Porter and Henry Rollins on the same bill! It’s going to be such a great night. Many of those who are not available to perform have offered such amazing items for auction. I’m so touched by the generosity we’ve received. More surprises to come soon.”

100% of the net proceeds from the concert will support True Colors United’s programs to prevent and end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. In America, up to 40% of the 4.2 million youth experiencing homelessness in America are LGBTQ and, according to a recent study from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, LGBTQ young people are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than non-LGBTQ youth. Among many other initiatives, Lauper, who co-founded the organization eleven years ago, has testified and helped secure funding in Congress for a new federal program that is working to finally bring an end to youth homelessness in over 70 communities nationwide.

Home For The Holidays sells out each year and has become a holiday tradition that gathers together a host of diverse talents for an important cause. The show has previously been held at The Beacon Theatre in NYC, and has featured over 80 performers, including P!NK, Lou Reed, Jackson Browne, Billy Corgan, 50 Cent, Natalie Merchant, St. Vincent, Jason Mraz, Wanda Sykes, Susan Sarandon, Aloe Blacc, Boy George, Sarah McLachlan, Salt-N-Pepa, A$AP Rocky, The Hives, Amanda Palmer, Sharon Osbourne, Mariska Hargitay, Bebe Rexha, Tegan and Sara, and Rosie O’Donnell.

'Zane To The Rescue' - A Children's Book About a Shelter Dog That Rescued His Two Dads

For over 15 years, James Donio served as president of the Music Business Association, helping build the future of the music industry. While music has always been important in James's life, there was also another guiding force: his love of animals and the cocker spaniel, Zachary, that he shared with his husband, Larry. 

When Zachary passed away, James and Larry were heartbroken... leading them on a journey to rescue another dog from their local animal shelter.

Zane to the Rescue
currently available on Amazon, tells the true story of James and Larry and how by deciding to save a shelter pet, they found themselves getting saved in return. A story about healing after a pet loss, the importance of adopting shelter pets, and a look into a furry family with two dads, Zane to the Rescue is an inspiring tail... ahem! ...tale about the miracles that can happen when you open up your heart.

Shantay, you Stay. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK confirmed for second series on BBC Three

BBC Three and World of Wonder have confirmed that a second-series of the UK version of the award-winning global hit RuPaul’s Drag Race will air in 2020.

Having brought RuPaul’s Drag Race UK to British screens for the first time to critical acclaim, BBC Three have opened applications to find another set of sickening queens to compete in the Olympics of drag.

Series One has slayed audiences and is a runway success for BBC Three with 6.5 million total requests on iPlayer just over half way through the series.

Series one has seen the queens face a myriad of challenges designed to test their drag ability to the max, and they’ve served regal runway realness, formed two fierce girl bands, performed Downton Draggy and so much more.

RuPaul says: “I want to thank the BBC and all our fans for their overwhelming support of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. This season’s queens proved that Britain’s Got Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent and I want to see more! Here’s to another season of love, laughter and light!"

Kate Phillips, Controller, Entertainment Commissioning, says: "The response to the current UK series has been nothing short of dragulous; our viewers have really taken the show and the amazing queens to their hearts. So I’m delighted that Ru and the gang are going to shantay stay. Let the search for the next group of queens begin!”

Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three, says: “I’m delighted that BBC Three will be the home for series two of Drag Race UK. I’ve loved getting to know every single queen; the amount of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent radiating from them has been a true pleasure to watch. We’re very much looking forward to unleashing another series for our audience to tuck into!"

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, World of Wonder Co-Founders and Executive Producers, say: “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has legs and we could not be more thrilled. It all turned out so “much bettah” than we could have imagined, from working with BBC Three to the UK queens' boundless talents. We can't wait to see who shows up to flash their tuppence for season 2!”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is an 8x60' World of Wonder production for BBC Three. It was commissioned by Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three and Kate Phillips, Controller, BBC Entertainment. The Executive Producers are RuPaul Charles, Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell, Sally Miles and Bruce McCoy, and the BBC Commissioning Editor is Ruby Kuraishe.

The current series of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK is continuing to wow BBC Three audiences on BBC iPlayer on Thursdays from 8pm.

A global phenomenon, the RuPaul's Drag Race franchise is available in 193 countries through network partners and World of Wonder's streaming service WOW Presents Plus. The series has been nominated in the US for a record-breaking 29 Emmys with 13 wins. In 2018, Drag Race became the first series to win Best Reality-Competition Program and Host in the same year, and the show had a repeat victory at this years' ceremony.

To apply for the next series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK sashay to And hurry, applications need to be in by Friday 15th November 2019

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Denver Makes WalletHub's 2019 List of Best Places to Go for Thanksgiving

Source: WalletHub
With Thanksgiving just around the corner and millions of people still shopping during the holiday, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its 2019’s Best Places to Go for Thanksgiving report as well as accompanying videos, along with fun and interesting stats about the holiday in its Thanksgiving Fun Facts infographic.

To help Americans decide where to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast without breaking the bank, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 20 key metrics. They range from cost of Thanksgiving dinner and share of delayed flights to volunteer opportunities per capita and forecasted precipitation.


FAZE - Right Here


FAZE's “Right Here” is a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming EP, Eclipse, following the release of “Magic” in September. 

“My song Right Here holds a very special place in my heart. It is the second single off of my forthcoming EP “Eclipse”. The same week I started recording my project I found out my mom was super sick and was not sure if she would make it or not, so I wrote this song as a tribute to her for all of the love, sacrifices and unconditional support she had given as a mother. I wanted the video for Right Here to represent this sincerity and raw emotion. Visually we start very close up and start to pan out farther, and wider and eventually have some drone shots in the mix which gives it a beautiful and otherworldly feel. As the song grows and changes just as we do in life the visuals reflect that. We play with a lot of transitions shot to shot that melt effortlessly into each other. The coloring is soft including blue and red tones and then dives in and out of an almost negative coloring effect at points which is more harsh. I put myself in a very vulnerable place with this song in particular and sort of just left it all out on the floor with total transparency - lyrically and visually. We can get so caught up in life sometimes that we truly forget what is important. Taking this visual to a simple, raw, emotive place, where every word is captured authentically and from the heart, truly embodying the song and message behind it.”

A member of the LGBTQ community intent on making his art as inclusive as possible, the San Diego native spent years grappling with his identity and finding a sense of belonging—a struggle complicated by his being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of seven. From his earliest years, music provided some salvation, and by the age of nine he’d learned to play both piano and cello. “My idea of fun when I was a kid was just sitting in my garden, listening to classical music and playing my cello,” he recalls.

By his early 20s, he’d begun joining in songwriting sessions for leading artists, which went a long way in sharpening his songcraft and refining his vision for his own work. “Even when I was writing for other people, I was always pulling from my own experiences—I can only write what’s real to me,” says FAZE. “But now with Eclipse, I feel like it’s the first time I’m stepping out into the world, and fully showing who I am as an artist.”