Monday, January 27, 2020

WalletHub: 2020’s Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans & Super Bowl LIV By The Numbers

Source: WalletHub

With Super Bowl LIV just days away, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2020’s Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans as well as accompanying videos, together with its Super Bowl LIV By The Numbers infographic.

To determine the best places for loving on America’s favorite sport, WalletHub compared more than 240 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional football team based on 21 key metrics. The data set ranges from number of NFL and college football teams to average ticket prices.

Best Cities for Football Fans Worst Cities for Football Fans
1. Pittsburgh, PA 236. El Paso, TX
2. Boston, MA 237. Lawrence, KS
3. Dallas, TX 238. Louisville, KY
4. Green Bay, WI 239. New Britain, CT
5. New York, NY 240. Columbia, SC
6. New Orleans, LA 241. Ithaca, NY
7. Miami, FL 242. Davidson, NC
8. San Francisco, CA 243. Providence, RI
9. Philadelphia, PA 244. Valparaiso, IN
10. Oakland, CA 245. Brookville, NY

MTV's "True Life Crime" - The Kedarie Johnson Case


Shots ring out in the middle of the night and minutes later the body of 16-year-old Kedarie Johnson, a gender fluid teen, is discovered. Was Kedarie a target because of their gender identity or did the teen have a secret connection to the killer? The hunt for answers leads to a shocking discovery on MTV's "True Life Crime."

The below clip features transgender rights activist Raquel Willis and Dometi Pongo discussing the importance of combating injustices within the LGBTQ community.

Diet Cig - Night Terrors

Diet Cig are back! Today the critically-acclaimed duo of Alex Luciano (guitar and vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums) return with a new song “Night Terrors” - their first bit of music since 2017 when they released their debut album Swear I’m Good At This. Of “Night Terrors” Alex notes, “This song centers around my very real and frequent experiences with night terrors and other bizarre sleep activity. If we’re close enough to have ever shared a room, you know what I’m talking about. This song goes out to you.

The idea of night terrors also represents the fact that no matter how hard I try to curate a specific and perfect version of myself, the embarrassing, weird, unlikable parts are always going to be there too. The people I’m closest with will always end up seeing them, when they inevitably come hurling out of me like my night terrors in the middle of the night. This song's about holding onto that hope that the real ones will like me even with all my weird freaky stuff underneath. Even when I'm screaming at them in my sleep from across the hotel room.”

Cash Prizes for LGBTQ Writers!

Lambda Literary is excited to announce that applications are now open for three awards, all of which include cash prizes! They will accept applications for all three prizes until midnight February 17, 2020. Please read the application thoroughly before applying, even if you have applied before, as they have updated our application process for the current year.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Pet Shop Boys - Monkey Business

Pet Shop Boys have released the new video for “Monkey Business” – taken from new studio album, ‘Hotspot’, which will be released on 24th January 2020 on x2 Records/Kobalt.

The single will be released February 7th on CD, digital and 12-inch vinyl formats and is available to pre-order here. The package will also feature two ‘Monkey business’ remixes, courtesy of Norwegian record producer Prins Thomas & Liverpudlian DJ Friend Within. It will also feature a brand new PSB track, ‘At rock bottom’.

‘Hotspot’ was mostly written and recorded in Berlin and Los Angeles and produced and mixed by Stuart Price. It features 10 brand new Tennant/Lowe tracks including previous single Dreamland featuring Years & Years, released earlier this year, and Burning the heather’– which features Bernard Butler on guitar and new track, Monkey business.

The album is the third instalment in the series of PSB albums produced by Stuart Price, following ‘Electric’ in 2013 and ‘Super’ in 2016. It will be available on CD, vinyl and digitally and is available to pre-order now.

Fenway Institute: Trump Year 3 Report Documents Expanded Harm to LGBTQIA+ Community

Today, The Fenway Institute of Fenway Health released a policy brief demonstrating that in 2019, the Trump Administration dramatically expanded upon discriminatory, anti-LGBT policies implemented in 2017 and 2018 that are harming the health and well-being of LGBTQIA+ people in America and around the world.
“During Donald Trump’s third year as president, we moved from worrying that anti-LGBT policies would harm people to seeing the damage of these policies in action,” said Sean Cahill, PhD, Director of Health Policy Research at The Fenway Institute. “The most dramatic examples have been the deaths of two transgender women seeking asylum in the United States who were detained in facilities currently being sued for their alleged abuse of LGBT migrants. Other moves have made LGBT people and people living with HIV much more vulnerable to discrimination in health care, social services, employment, education, and access to basic government services.”
Much of the harm LGBT people are now experiencing is the result of discriminatory actions that target them, such as rolling back sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination provisions in health care, employment, and housing while expanding discriminatory religious refusal policies. But other policies that are not specifically aimed at LGBT people, such as restricting asylum hearings in the United States only to people who have been denied asylum in another country, and the maltreatment of people in border detention facilities, have disproportionately affected LGBT people from Central America seeking asylum to escape anti-LGBT violence.
In June, a transgender woman from El Salvador, who spent six weeks in a detention center in New Mexico that has been sued by the ACLU for creating “unconscionable conditions” for LGBT immigrants, died after being hospitalized for chest pain. The woman, a nurse, had repeatedly asked for an IV solution or, barring that, water, salt, and sugar so she could make and administer her own solution, but was denied medical care.
Two initiatives by the Trump Administration aimed at improving the conditions of LGBT people around the world and ending the transmission of HIV have been undermined by the administration’s own anti-LGBT policies.
During his 2019 State of the Union address, President Trump announced the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative, a new plan to end the HIV epidemic by 2030 with increased investments in outreach and prevention to communities hit hardest by HIV. But the campaign does little to address anti-LGBT discrimination and stigma, which are the underlying drivers behind the HIV epidemic among the most disproportionately affected populations in this country. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration’s work to uphold religious refusal protections, repeal nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Americans, and other such actions may actually increase discrimination against LGBT people, creating additional barriers to success for the HIV initiative.
In February 2019, the Trump Administration announced that it would launch a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality as it is still a crime in 70 countries around the world, with 13 of them allowing for the death penalty. Since the announcement, the Trump Administration has been inconsistent in implementing its policy. While the US State Department publicly condemned anti-LGBT laws and actions in Chechnya and Brunei, it has been silent on similar anti-LGBT actions taken this year by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kenya. The U.S. Ambassador to Zambia, who criticized the imprisonment of a gay couple there for 15 years, was told to leave the country by Zambia’s president, and was recalled by the U.S. State Department last month.
Other examples of actions taken by the Trump Administration in 2019 that undermine the health and well-being of LGBT people and people living with HIV include:
  • Proposing a new rule to reverse the Obama-era final rule implementing Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which prohibits discrimination in the provision of health care. The 2016 Section 1557 rule was implemented to address anti-LGBT discrimination in health care, which can range from being verbally or physically harassed to being denied treatment altogether.
  • Proposing a new rule to remove explicit sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination provisions from important health care regulations governing health insurance exchanges, Medicaid regulations, and the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.
  • Proposing a new rule to remove regulatory provisions that explicitly prohibit organizations that receive HHS grant funding from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, and religion. Such a rule would affect organizations that provide a wide array of health and social services, including health care at federally funded community health centers, HIV and STI testing and prevention, refugee resettlement, elder care programs, childcare and after-school programs, community meal programs, and adoption and foster care services.
  • Nominating judges for lifetime federal appointments who have expressed anti-LGBT sentiments and/or have histories of ruling against the interests of LGBT Americans.
  • Arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of limiting existing nondiscrimination provisions under Title VII that have been used to protect LGBT workers.
  • Proposing an amendment to the Equal Access Rule, which ensures that homeless shelters do not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Amending the 2019 Notice of Funding Availability Act, administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to remove a crucial incentive that encouraged housing providers to support LGBT individuals. LGBTQ youth and transgender people, especially people of color, experience disproportionately high rates of homelessness. 
  • Eliminating disparate impact civil rights regulations which treat policies that are neutral on paper but have an unequal impact in practice as forms of discrimination, even if there was no discriminatory intent.
  • Finalizing a rule that allows healthcare providers to refuse to participate in medical procedures, such as infertility treatment for same-sex couples, abortion, and HIV treatment for religious reasons. 
  • Proposing a new rule that would remove sexual orientation data collection for foster youth and foster and adoptive parents in the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System.
  • Implementing a ban on transgender troops that was first proposed in 2017 and which puts an estimated 13,600 transgender individuals at risk of being discharged.
The policy brief, “In its third year in office, the Trump Administration dramatically expanded discriminatory anti-LGBT policies” can be downloaded here.
Since 1971, Fenway Health has been working to make life healthier for the people in our neighborhoods, the LGBTQIA+ community, people living with HIV/AIDS and the broader population. The Fenway Institute at Fenway Health is an interdisciplinary center for research, training, education and policy development focusing on national and international health issues.

Monday, January 13, 2020

One Colorado: Priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session

By Daniel Ramos, Executive Director, One Colorado 
Last year was a historic session for LGBTQ Coloradans and their families. One Colorado championed bills for some of the most vulnerable members of our community, with legislation that improves the everyday lives of LGBTQ youth, transgender, and nonbinary Coloradans. The strong bipartisan support of those bills further demonstrates that LGBTQ equality is a nonpartisan issue.
This session, we continue to advocate for vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community by working to affirm LGBTQ youth in foster care, increasing access to PrEP, PEP, and other HIV prevention medications, adding gender identity and gender expression to Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act, and banning the gay and trans panic defense. We look forward to lifting up the voices of the LGBTQ community and partnering with our bill sponsors to bring legislation forward that will address the gap between legal and lived equality of LGBTQ Coloradans and their families.
How did we identify our legislative priorities?
One Colorado completed the One Colorado For All Statewide Tour in the fall of 2019, which hosted 18 community meetings across the state to hear from supporters on the issues that were impacting their communities. Those stops included: Breckenridge, Salida, Aspen, Denver, Durango, Colorado Springs, Greeley, Fort Collins, Westminster, Aurora, Louisville, Pueblo, Westcliffe, Alamosa, Highlands Ranch, Steamboat, Grand Junction, and Montrose. 
With over 105,000 supporters in all 64 counties across the state, One Colorado has one of the largest active supporter networks in the state. 
Through those community meetings and engagement with partner organizations, One Colorado’s top-tier legislative priorities include supporting the following pieces of legislation:
House Bill 20-1061 HIV Infection Prevention Medications Bill
When this bill goes into law, Coloradans will be able to go directly to a pharmacy to receive either an initial treatment regimen of PrEP or a full treatment regimen of PEP after a brief consultation with a pharmacist. The legislation will allow for pharmacists to dispense both PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) without a prescription from a physician. Pharmacists currently have the authority to dispense Plan B and naloxone without a prescription. The legislation also prohibits insurance companies from requiring patients to obtain authorization prior to using their benefits to obtain the medications and also prohibits insurers from requiring that a patient undergo step therapy.
“This bill is essential in the fight to end the AIDS epidemic once and for all. By increasing access to HIV prevention medications, we can reduce the rate of infection and ensure that at-risk Coloradans are protected against the virus.”
- Representative Alex Valdez (D-Denver), Chair of the LGBTQ Caucus, co-prime House sponsor of HB20-1061. 
“HIV disproportionately affects black, brown, and transgender communities, who already face disadvantages in accessing healthcare. This bill breaks down barriers and opens up HIV prevention medications to those who need it most.”
- Representative Leslie Herod (D-Denver), Chair of the Black Caucus, co-prime House sponsor of HB20-1061. 
Adding Gender Identity and Expression to Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act
In 2008, CADA was expanded to include discrimination against an individual based on their sexual orientation. At that time, conversations around gender expression and identity in relation to sexual orientation were just beginning. Over the past 12 years, it has become undeniably clear that an individual's gender identity or expression can impact their lived experiences in the same manner as other factors currently covered under CADA.
"As society evolves, so does the language that we use. This cleanup bill will explicitly add gender identity and expression to Colorado's existing Anti-Discrimination Act, strengthening rights for transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer residents, workers, and visitors. By securing the protections that all LGBTQ people - indeed, all people - need to safely lead their lives and equally participate in society, we continue to lead by example that Colorado is open to all."
- Representative Daneya Esgar (D-Pueblo), Chair of the Joint Budget Committee
Gay and Trans Panic Defense Ban
The gay and trans panic defense is a legal strategy that cites a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity as the causal factor for a defendant’s violent reaction — including murder. In 2013, the American Bar Association (ABA) unanimously approved a resolution to urge governments to ban the use of this tactic, which resulted in nine states banning the defense. 
"The murders of black transgender women is becoming a crisis in this country. Fatal violence disproportionately affects transgender women of color at the intersections of racism, sexism, and transphobia. At least 24 transgender victims were violently murdered in the United States in 2019. No one should ever be excused from murder because their victim is gay or transgender, and Colorado must send an indisputable message that we fully value the lives and dignity of all people, including black transgender women."
- Representative Leslie Herod (D-Denver), Chair of the Black Caucus
Foster Family Training
Approximately one-third of youth in foster care identify as LGBTQ. On an average day in Colorado,12 children or teens enter foster care because their parents are not providing a welcoming and affirming home. At this rate, communities across the state are in dire need of more foster parents. LGBTQ youth are over-represented in foster care and face an increased risk of both negative experiences and outcomes. This includes being twice as likely as their non-LGBTQ peers to report being treated poorly while in care; having a greater average number of placements than their non-LGBTQ peers; and are more likely than their non-LGBTQ peers to be placed in congregate care, including group homes.
“We want to ensure that all of Colorado‘s youth, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, grow up in homes that are both caring and affirming. Foster families are a critical, important part of caring for our youth. We want to ensure that all families receive training to support our children in foster care that includes affirmation of sexual orientation and gender identity.”
- Representative Meg Froelich (D-Englewood)
Those interested in learning more about these legislative priorities are welcome to attend One Colorado’s 2020 Legislative Kickoff on Thursday, January 16th at 5:30 PM at Pride and Swagger. This event is free to attend and open to the public. 

Fortune Feimster Coming to Netflix with 'Sweet & Salty'

Southern-born comedian, writer and actress Fortune Feimster is back with her first hour-long Netflix original comedy special, Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty. The comedian recalls her childhood misadventures as a former Girl Scout, debutante and (disqualified) swim meet champion; her family's complicated relationship with Hooters; and how a movie helped her realize she was a lesbian.

Page Hurwitz and Wanda Sykes serve as Executive Producers for Push It Productions alongside Krysia Plonka and Tracey Baird for Thank You, Brain! Productions and Jacquelyn Smith and Nicole Garcia.

Modern Military Association of America: Victory! Federal Court Upholds Injunction

The Modern Military Association of America just won a major victory in one of their lawsuits challenging outdated and discriminatory policies on servicemembers living with HIV. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld a lower court ruling that halted efforts by the Trump-Pence administration to discharge members of the Air Force because they are living with HIV. The decision will allow the two active-duty plaintiffs in the case to continue serving in the U.S. Air Force as well as prevent the discharge of any other Airmen living with HIV.

As MMAA's legal and policy director Peter Perkowski put it, "In light of major advancements in medical treatments, there is no legitimate reason these servicemembers cannot or should not be able to continue to serve their country. It’s past time for the Department of Defense’s outdated policies to catch up with modern science.”

You can find out more about the case and the court's decision here.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Calling All Denver Drag Performers!

It is once again time for the LGBTQ Student Resource Center's annual campus drag show, Love Is A Drag!

They are searching for folks who would like to perform in the show, which will take place on Thursday, February 13 in the Tivoli Turnhalle. You can sign up using the QR code on the poster above, or go to:

Pet Shop Boys - Monkey Business

Pet Shop Boys have revealed their new single ‘Monkey Business’, with the radio edit available to stream now. The single will be released February 7th on CD, digital and 12-inch vinyl formats and is available to pre-order here. The package will also feature two ‘Monkey Business’ remixes, courtesy of Norwegian record producer Prins Thomas & Liverpudlian DJ Friend Within. It will also feature a brand new PSB track, ‘At Rock Bottom’.

On ‘Monkey Business’, Pet Shop Boys commented: “We’ve actually written, almost for the first time in our career, a groove song.”

Monkey Business’ is the third track to be revealed from their highly anticipated new studio album, ‘Hotspot’, which will be released on January 24th 2020 on x2 Records/Kobalt. ‘Hotspot’ was mostly written and recorded in Berlin and Los Angeles and produced and mixed by Stuart Price. It features 10 brand new Tennant/Lowe tracks including the previously released ‘Burning the Heather’ and ‘Dreamland’, featuring Years & Years.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Travel: Tel Aviv LGBTQ Center Launches a New Family Center

The LGBTQ center of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is proud to launch its new "Family Center", which offers guidance to families in the city’s LGBTQ community and addresses a variety of aspects of LGBTQ family life. The family center is an important part of the community's struggle for equality, and its establishment stems from the municipality's pluralistic worldview, which promotes the values of tolerance, acceptance and diversity from an early age throughout the city's educational institutions.

The new family center offers a social environment supporting the LGBTQ community: from exploring options on how to have children, to growing relationships, raising children and everyday family life, the center aims at assisting families throughout significant chapters in life. In addition to workshops, activities, and events, the new center offers matchmaking opportunities, guidance groups for parents with transgender children, couple and family therapy, children activities and legal counseling lead by Attorney Michal Eden, a former Tel Aviv-Yafo Councilwoman who specializes in LGBTQ rights in Israel.

The Tel Aviv LGBTQ center opened its doors in 2008 and quickly became one of the main pillars of the LGBTQ community in Tel Aviv. The center, which will soon undergo extensive renovations, is considered unique and the first of its kind that was established by a municipality. The Tel Aviv Municipality is also the main organizer of the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, recognized as one of the world’s leading LGBTQ events. Last year's parade attracted over 250,000 people from around the world and the city is expecting similar numbers for the next Pride Parade on June 12, 2020.

OUT on DVD: Church & State


A surprise federal court ruling in 2013 legalized gay marriage for Utah - triggering a fierce battle in a state where Mormon church values control the Legislature and every aspect of public life.

Church & State is directed by Holly Tuckett and Kendall Wilcox and chronicles the improbable story of a brash, inexperienced gay activist and a tiny Salt Lake City law firm that joined forces to topple Utah's gay marriage ban. It is a story of trump, setback, and a little-known lawsuit that should have failed, but instead paved the way for a U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized same sex unions nationwide.

Lena Waithe, Louis Gossett, Jr. to be honored at 2020 ABFF Honors

The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) Honors announced today the recipients of two of their most prominent awards - Hollywood Legacy Award and Industry Renaissance Award - which each honor outstanding accomplishments in film and television. Academy AwardⓇ winner Louis Gossett, Jr. (“Watchmen,” “An Officer and a Gentleman”) will be honored with the Hollywood Legacy Award for his contributions to the entertainment industry. The Hollywood Legacy Award honors a legendary artist whose trailblazing work has inspired generations and made an enduring contribution to film and television. Additionally, EmmyⓇ Award-winning producer, writer, and actor, Lena Waithe (“The Chi,” “Boomerang,” “Queen & Slim”) will receive the prestigious Industry Renaissance Award, which recognizes content creators whose exemplary work in film and television contributes to changing perceptions of people of color in the entertainment industry.

“We’re honored to celebrate these two extraordinary talents,” said ABFF Ventures CEO, Jeff Friday. “These awards not only recognize how Mr. Gossett’s contributions have propelled the industry forward but also acknowledge a new generation of trailblazers in people like Ms. Waithe, who will continue to create change and new opportunities in film and television for people of color.”

Louis Gossett Jr. has been disrupting Hollywood for over 40 years making his film debut alongside Sidney Poitier in the 1961 classic “A Raisin in the Sun.” Gossett Jr. was the first African American to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his unforgettable performance as drill Sergeant Emil Foley in “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Additionally, he has been nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden GlobeⓇ Awards, five NAACP Images Awards, two Daytime Emmy Awards and in 1992 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Other notable film and television credits include “The Deep,” “Blue Chips,” “Daddy’s Little Girls,” Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?,” “Firewalker,” “Jaws-3D,” “Enemy Mine,”“Iron Eagle,” “Extant,” “Madam Secretary,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Family Guy,” and “ER,” among others. Gossett Jr. is the founder of The Eracism Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating racism.

A triple-threat in the entertainment industry, Lena Waithe expertly taps into emerging cultural sensibilities with a sharp wit, speaking to a myriad of experiences from her unique perspective and challenging audiences to think outside of conventional norms. She has become a champion for underserved voices in the industry, creating writing and development opportunities for people of color as well as promoting diversity and representation on the screen through her production company, Hillman Grad. Currently, she serves as a writer and executive producer of two BET shows: the new series “Twenties” which is based off her own early years in LA and the second season of the “Boomerang” revival which she created alongside Halle Berry. Both shows are set to air in early 2020. Waithe has also received critical acclaim for creating Showtime’s “The Chi,'' which will debut its third season this year. Waithe has proven herself a talent to be reckoned with, continuing to grow her body of work which includes: an overall deal to create and produce original series for Amazon Prime Video; Showtime’s “How To Make Love to a Black Woman,” which she will executive produce; the groundbreaking film, “The 40-Year-Old Version,” which is premiering at Sundance 2020; the horror anthology series “Them” for Amazon; and Sundance darling “Dear White People,” among others. Waithe first made headlines in front of the camera as Denise, in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Master of None.” In a role that was originally intended for a straight, Caucasian female, Waithe has made Denise’s experience as a queer black woman uniquely her own and became the first woman of color to win an Emmy award in the category of “Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.” Waithe’s feature screenwriting debut, “Queen & Slim,” is also nominated for ABFF Honors “Movie of the Year” Award.

ABFF Honors recently announced their nominees for “Movie of the Year,” a competitive award presented to the best feature length film of the year directed by and/or starring a lead actor or actress of African descent. Voting is now open to the public at And for the second year, American Airlines will sponsor the ABFF Honors “VIP Fan Experience,” which is an opportunity for one consumer to attend this exclusive event and celebrate Black excellence among the most influential artists, executives, and stakeholders in the entertainment industry. One fan will be randomly selected by the ABFF organization from the pool of individuals who vote for the “Movie of the Year”, and receive two (2) tickets for the ceremony, two (2) round trip domestic economy-class tickets on American Airlines, hotel accommodations and a chance to walk the “red carpet” on the night of the ceremony. The announcement will be made on or about January 20, 2020.

Presented by ABFF Ventures, the 2020 ABFF Honors, hosted by Emmy-nominated comedian and actor Deon Cole (Black-ish), will take place February 23 in Los Angeles. Previously announced honorees include Cynthia Erivo with the Rising Star Award and “The Wire” with the Classic Television Award. Sponsors to date include American Airlines, Cadillac and Hilton (Red Carpet), Accenture, Prudential Financial and Sony Pictures Entertainment (Supporting).

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

One Colorado: Starting 2020 with a fresh look!

Daniel Ramos, Executive Director, One Colorado

Welcome to 2020! We are so excited for the opportunities and challenges ahead of us this year, and we are counting on your continued support to keep the victories coming. Because of you-- your volunteer hours, your petition signatures, your donations-- we have accomplished a whole lot this past decade. Thank you!

This year started off with a bang as Jude's Law went into effect, making it easier for transgender and nonbinary folks to update their identity documents. After five long years of fighting for the passage of this bill, it finally became a reality on January 1, 2020. Visit our website for more details about Jude's Law and how to update your Colorado IDs.

Looking ahead, One Colorado will continue to fight for LGBTQ equality throughout the state in all areas of life including healthcare, youth & schools, civic engagement, and advocacy. Thank you for being a part of the movement toward a fair and just Colorado for ALL!