Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Andrew Christian - Lights Out

Andrew Christian is clearly not afraid to take chances in their marketing campaign videos. Each video they release is getting hotter and more provocative and "Lights Out" takes you on a fantasy ride that you will not soon forget. It's a bit too hot to be shown here on MileHighGayGuy.com so click here to see the full, fetishistic fabulousness!

This video starts off with a sexy business man (Paul Wagner) arriving at the door step of a home, where Jessi Malay (the artist that sings this video's soundtrack) is waiting with two studs on a leash. (Michael Silas from GaGa fame and Ozzy Valentino)

Jesse looks Paul up and down and decides he definitely needs to come inside. By the look on Paul's face you can tell he didn't know what he got himself into, but he is ready for whatever is about to happen.

Once inside you are transported into a modern S&M dream. Everything from Quinn Jaxon dripping hot wax on Vladimir Shmygol to the two of them being handcuffed to Paul and Montana Volby in the shower.

This video is just edgy enough to make the journey captivating, but light enough for everyone to enjoy the trip!

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