Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Gay Vegans: Danica Roem Is A Rock Star

By Dan Hanley
With the elections on November 7th, Danica Roem became front page news.

What I love most about her is that she took on someone who spent his life demonizing people like her, and taking away rights from people like her. She had had enough when he decided that he should control where she could or could not use the bathroom. Although I do not know her, she comes across as someone who is kind, very intelligent, and one who cares about other people.

I remember reading about her months before election day and thinking how wonderful it would be if she could win. I sure didn’t think she could at that time.

Her opponent had held his seat for over 20 years. He continued his bigoted ways throughout the campaign.

Danica rocked her campaign. She actually knocked on doors and spent hundreds of hours speaking with voters about issues important to them.

I could go on and on. I will leave you with a couple of points:

Danica Roem was pissed off and took action.

So did others in Virginia and around the country.

In one state delegate race in Newport News, VA, over 10,000 more people voted than two years ago and the difference between the two candidates is 12 votes.

Register to vote. Vote. Get active. Run for office.

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