Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Undies & Lube: Underwear Should Be Fun to Wear

Long gone are the days when cheap white briefs were the go-to underwear for men. Today's underwear create a display and excitement like never before. The Undies & Lube team helps you put on a good show at tonight’s scene. Or the next hottie that destiny sends your way.

From grow-ers to show-ers... Today’s modern underwear fabrics fit all kinds of shapes and sizes. They’re also designed to fit a variety of activities. Here’s what you need to know about the top fabrics and when to wear them.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that doesn’t wrinkle. Today’s polyester isn’t the same cheap nasty fabric of the 60’s and 70’s. New manufacturing and weaves have created material. It lasts longer and much more durable than before.

Also gone are the boring pastel colors. Polyester can be produced in bright vibrant colors and doesn’t fade. Polyester fabric stretches, does not wrinkle, and provides that feeling of being encased without extreme sweating.

Many times it’s combined with other fabrics to add durability and structure. Thanks to new weaving patterns interlocking polyester with other fabrics. Read the label and feel the material. Get to know how polyester can provide that special night with a new twist.


Spandex is a synthetic fiber made from polyurethane, sometimes called Elastane. It’s elastic, durable, lightweight and resistant to moisture. Almost 60 years old, Spandex has seen a major evolution in the fabric. Created to replace the use of rubber in underwear for women... Spandex became the rage once Olivia put them on in Grease.

Spandex provides little support for men by itself. Spandex is often combined with other fabrics. Offering the support people need and body hugging fabric every gay man loves. It’s breathable, draws moisture from the skin, and very form fitting.

Polyester spandex blends are used in compression shorts, swimwear. And let's not forget about underwear that puts on a show. Polyester spandex blend fabric is great for running, biking, and working out. Or just showing off in meggings.


Modal is a rayon crafted from beech trees. It's similar in texture to silk or cotton. But it's less likely to fade or shrink. Most companies combine it with spandex. Creating one of the best fabrics for everyday underwear.

Modal keeps its shape, resists wrinkles. It can be dyed in vibrant colors that don't run or fade. What you'll really notice most about this fabric... it's oh so soft on your skin.

Modal absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton and won't pill from friction. But it doesn't trap moisture and odors like cotton.

This is a luxury fabric that's comfortable to wear all day. It offers moderate support and lots of movement. Modal is not the first choice for a heavy work out such as biking, running, or cross fit. It's the perfect choice for daily activities and avoiding swamp crotch.


Nylon material has been around for nearly 100 years, developed as an alternative to silk. It’s a synthetic fabric made from petroleum. Nylon can be made thinner than other fabrics. Making it useful for all types of underwear designs.

During heavy workouts, nylon alone will keep your skin and crotch dry. It just won’t last as long as other materials. It’s also prone to snags, pilling and tears. So it’s commonly combined with cotton to help it last longer. Nylon cotton blends provides a higher level of comfort and more breathability too.

Nylon is an okay choice for everyday underwear. But it’s a great choice for special occasions or for putting on a show. Mostly because the lower durability. You’ll get more daily mileage out of other fabrics.

Supplex® Nylon
Supplex® nylon is nylon that looks and feels like cotton fabric. It’s breathable and comfortable to wear. Supplex® nylon is perfect for every day and vigorous activities. Thanks to its stretch quality.

Supplex® nylon can take dyes and vary in thicknesses. Keeping its form and color after multiple uses. It’s also waterproof, washable, and dries quickly. Makit it perfect fabric for underwear while traveling.


Today you have a huge variety of colors, fits, and designs to express your sexy and active sides. When shopping for new underwear… Choose the cut that shows off your stuff and fits how you like. Pick the fabric that’s ready for the activity or event. Visit Undies & Lube and let your wildest fantasies fly.

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