Thursday, June 17, 2010

Denver's 1973 Gay Revolt available on DVD

Thanks to La Gente Unida for this supercool bit of information!

Denver's 1973 Gay Revolt is the subject of a DVD that recently became available in 12 parts on YouTube (part one above). Produced and narrated by longtime human rights activist, and Denver PrideFest 2010 Grand Marshall, Jerry Gerash, the 90-minute DVD is titled “Gay Revolt At Denver City Council, October 23, 1973, And The Beginnings Of An Organized Gay Community.” 

An overview of the historical background and events that lead up to the 1973 revolt, the DVD describes a people’s history as it unfolds: how a minority community organized itself from the grass roots of a powerless community into one that quickly learned how to empower itself, all at a time of widespread and deep homophobia. 

A very important project that is the result of much time and unrelenting devotion by Gerash, the professionally-made DVD is a consciousness-raising tool and historical piece that can be valuable to people seeking to learn the origins of modern-day activism in Denver. 

The gay revolt at the 1973 City Council hearing resulted in the repeal of four antigay laws and paved the way for Gerash to eventually start Unity, the 1976 group whose sole purpose was to establish what is nowadays known as the GLBT Community Center.