Monday, December 17, 2018

PetSmart Charities Helps Pets in Need at DFL Solutions

PetSmart Charities awarded a $25,000 grant to the Dumb Friends League Solutions – Veterinary Hospital. The hospital, which opened in October 2018, is a full service low cost animal hospital that exists to prevent suffering in pets whose caretakers would otherwise be unable to provide veterinary care.

PetSmart Charities is the largest funder of animal welfare in North America, supporting community efforts in all 50 states and Canada. Their generous gift directly impacts pets in need, like Molly.

When the adorable 7-year-old shih-tzu was critically injured by another animal, Molly’s owner, Vannessa, was unable to afford the care the little dog required. Vannessa made the difficult phone call to schedule an appointment to surrender Molly to the Dumb Friends League and explained why she was relinquishing her beloved pet. It was then she learned about another option available to her and Molly – Solutions – Veterinary Hospital.

Vannessa rushed Molly to the Veterinary Hospital. During the initial exam, doctors discovered that in addition to her critical injuries, Molly had mammary tumors—most likely the result of not being spayed. The staff provided care for Molly’s injuries, removed her mammary masses and performed her spay surgery.

Without Solutions – Veterinary Hospital, Molly’s owner would have been left with no other choice but to break the 7-year bond she had formed with her pet. “Sometimes people surrender animals to us because they can’t afford medical care,” said Dr. Apryl Steele, Dumb Friends League President and CEO. “This hospital exists for people struggling to help their pets. Our goal is to help people and pets stay together and provide care that alleviates and prevents suffering for animals in need.”

“Some people are not able to easily access veterinary resources for a variety of reasons,” said Jenny Aho, regional relationship manager at PetSmart Charities. “The work of the Dumb Friends League will provide veterinary care for thousands of Denver pets who may otherwise have limited options, allowing them to stay in loving homes.”