Thursday, June 13, 2019

Meet Brian and Trevor: They're Getting Married in Denver with Nine Other Couples at The Wedding Party!


Chosen as one of the 10 couples to be married in Denver on the new streaming show “The Wedding Party,” West Hollywood couple Brian and Trevor are proud to share their special partnership and commitment to a life together with an audience of millions in a non-traditional ceremony that celebrates love and marriage in all its forms. They are the only gay male couple to feature on the debut series of the show, which culminates in a wedding festival where 2,000 guests will watch the couples say, “I do.”

It’s especially bold for Brian and Trevor to make their union so public given they each come from traditional backgrounds in vastly different hometowns and different countries. They are definitely not your conventional couple. Brian is a 38-year-old country boy from the rural town of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia and Trevor is a 24-year old Mormon from Provo, Utah.

Brian had a stable, non-denominational childhood in his hometown before launching his career in Sydney, taking on the role of Director of Entertainment at the prestigious Jupiter’s Casino on the glamorous Queensland Gold Coast, and moving to Los Angeles in January 2013. Trevor was an “army brat,” moving from city to city throughout his childhood, spending much of that time in Leavenworth, Kansas before his family settled in Utah, where he commenced his college degree.

What amazed both men once they met and began their relationship was how striking the links and similarities were underneath those superficial differences.

They met by chance in Las Vegas in early 2018. Brian was there for work and Trevor was in town for a vacation. Their connection started with conversations surrounding Brian’s career in Event Marketing and Trevor’s upcoming graduation with a marketing degree. After heading back to their respective cities they continued to talk. They soon found out that their hometowns – Wagga Wagga, NSW and Leavenworth, KS – are official “Sister Cities.” Brian went to school on Leavenworth Drive in Wagga Wagga and Trevor had lived off Wagga Wagga Drive in Leavenworth!

A few weeks after meeting, Brian flew to Salt Lake City to visit Trevor. Multiple visits later, including weekends away together in Park City, New York, and Los Angeles, they were sure they were soul mates for life. Trevor moved to Los Angeles in mid-2018 to live with Brian and his puppy Willis in West Hollywood.

Brian and Trevor say, “We are excited that we have we have decided to skip the ‘traditional’ wedding and share our special day with nine other couples, straight, gay, bi-racial, multi-cultural, and without regard to religion, as part of ‘The Wedding Party.’ We want to celebrate love in a different way, a way where everyone is equal, welcomed, embraced, loved and supported regardless of their beliefs.”