Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Your Majesty Oriana Begins Their Reign with QUEEN EP

Your Majesty Oriana is making a theatrical splash in the pop music world with QUEEN available Sept 7th. Oriana dives into what it means to be gender-nonconforming in the modern world. "I named the record, QUEEN, because throughout history, queens had to be androgynous in their essence to survive," says Your Majesty Oriana. "Unfortunately, women in power were, and still are in many places, seen as incapable of ruling. To prove the world wrong, they had to adopt what-are-seen-as masculine traits to be successful in their reign."

QUEEN is a four-song EP where each song represents a queen who rules over the human heart. We have the Queen Desire, Pain, Power, and Love. The four songs examine the four queens and how each one is in your heart. For example, Gloriana, is the Queen of Power's anthem. A song that embraces your own individual strength, and the ability to not only move mountains, but to turn them into dust. Another example is the featured only on the EP, Kyrie. Kyrie is the song for the Queen of Pain. As it follows the inspiration musically and lyrically of the refugee crises happening all over the world. Tying together Middle Eastern influences with a relatable lyrical story of feeling trapped, Kyrie is intended to create empathy for those who are or feel trapped in an unforgiving situation. If you want to find out Which queen you are, feel free to take the quiz with this link.

QUEEN is the debut release of Your Majesty Oriana. Your Majesty Oriana is an androgynous entertainer and performer known for their theatrical flair, flashy costumes, and transportive music. "I hope when you listen to QUEEN, that you feel powerful. I want you to hear this record and think 'I can do anything, and live the life I want.'" Oriana adds, "I'm not actually royalty, but does that look like it's stopping me?"

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