Wednesday, October 2, 2019

One Colorado Announces 2019-2020 GSA Leadership Council Members

Our Council members learned to trust each other as they had to cross the "Chocolate River".
By Jordan Anthony, Youth Program Coordinator, One Colorado

I am excited to introduce the 2019-2020 One Colorado GSA Leadership Council. This council is composed of young advocates from across the state of Colorado who are fired up to fight for safe schools and LGBTQ equity for all students in Colorado. Get to know these fearless leaders here.

And, this council needs your help.

The power and capacity of youth must be at the center of our work. Without the novel and powerful insights of our young leaders, any solution or remedy we try to bring will not fit into their own experiences. As adults who wish to see young LGBTQ folk thrive, we do our youth a disservice if we do not consider them fully capable of creating their own solutions to the marginalization and discrimination they can face in school.

Why am I telling you this?

I am calling on you to support One Colorado in our work with our GSA Leadership Council. That same commitment to equity that we want to inspire in our youth is what drives us to do this work. Become a member of the Centennial Club today. Your support grows our programming, like helping to sponsor our GSA leadership council retreat, where Councilmembers are given skills development and resources to aid in their growth as an effective leader.

Have you done your part to support the movement for safe schools? Donate today!

It has never been easier to change the future. All we have to do is support our young leaders as they do what they do best: make waves and make a difference.