Thursday, July 16, 2020

Black Families Through Queer Eyes

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thomas Allen Harris’ debut film VINTAGE: Families of Value, Third World Newsreel and Family Pictures USA present a virtual screening from July 21-23 and a live panel discussion on "Black Familes Through Queer Eyes" on July 22.

Produced by NAACP award-winning filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris, VINTAGE: Families of Value is a refreshing experiment in community storytelling that serves as an up-close-and-personal celebration of queer black intimacy. Three pairs of queer Black siblings – including Thomas Allen Harris and his younger brother, artist Lyle Ashton Harris – each take up cameras to document their families from separate angles. The result is a compassionate yet candid family video album, interwoven with tender and difficult conversations on parent-child relationships, gender identity and coping with HIV.

Viewers who register for the event can livestream the 72 minute documentary on YouTube for free every day from July 21-July 23. 

A live panel discussion, “Black Families Through Queer Eyes,” will take place on July 22 at on Facebook and YouTube. Hosted by Thomas Allen Harris and featuring filmmaker, artist and Sundance New Frontier programmer Shari Frilot, and MoMA Chief Curator of Film Rajendra Roy, the discussion will place VINTAGE within the broader contexts of 1990's Black queer experimental filmmaking and current civic activism.

Following the panel and to help expand the notions of family as seen through queer and trans eyes. Family Pictures USA will invite a multicultural group of artists, filmmakers, and activists to share their own family photographs on the stream.