Thursday, September 28, 2023

PAPOOZ - Down By You

Today, the French duo PAPOOZ released their newest track “Down By You”, co-produced and mixed by Patrick Wimberly (MGMT, Lil Yachty, Joji, Chairlift) alongside a video snippet which is part of the still-to-be-announced bigger short film, shot by artist / director Moodo├»d.

PAPOOZ’s Ulysse Cottin and Armand Penicaut share more about “Down By You” here: “This is one of the first songs we recorded at Jesse’s studio in NYC, just a couple of months after we started working with him in Paris last year. It's a teenage love song about a couple of kids misbehaving in the city. I remember we didn’t want to make it clear if they are romantically attached to each other or not.

We wanted to capture that youthful feeling of running around town with a friend, breaking beer bottles, shoplifting candies, making out, running away from the police and all that 50’s adolescent imagery that you can see in movies like American Graffiti or Rebel without a cause.

Musically there’s a bossa-novesque mood in the verses, mainly due to the jazz chords we used, and it becomes way more doo-wop when the chorus kicks in. You have to imagine Kings of Convenience having a hot date with Dion & the Belmonts.”