Monday, December 18, 2023

Gay Catholic Community Leader Responds to Pope Francis' Decision to Bless Same-Sex Couples

In response to the recent announcement from the Vatican approving the blessings of same-sex couples, Richard Zaldivar, executive director-founder of The Wall Las Memorias, a Los Angeles-based LGBTQ+-Latino community organization, expressed his appreciation for this development.

Zaldivar commented, "The news that our Catholic church will be able to bless same-sex couples is a positive step for our LGBTQ+ community. We are grateful for this decision, as it addresses a long-standing need for a safe spiritual space in our church, especially for those in committed relationships. While recognizing that progress takes time, we acknowledge and thank Pope Francis for his leadership on this issue and his efforts to promote inclusion for all Catholics in the church."

This decision is viewed as a meaningful move towards fostering inclusivity within the Catholic Church, providing acknowledgment and acceptance for members of the LGBTQ+ community seeking spiritual recognition within the institution.