Friday, June 28, 2013

MileHighGayGuys Discuss DOMA and Marriage Equality: Philip Doyle

"As a lad I was told how marriage worked. It was a romantic, Disneyesque, and daunting concept …

Somewhere, out there, in this big beautiful world, there is one person, just one, who is my perfect match. 

Well, holy smack!” I thought, “My mate is probably somewhere in Mexico or Indonesia or who knows where!?” Plus at that early age I knew I was gay, and since marriage was not legal for gays in the USA my husband most likely was hiding in some closet hundreds of miles away. Jose, Gustavo, or whatever his name is, will never come “salir del armario” and he will never travel to the States to wine and dine my Irish ass. Dayum!

Now things have changed. With the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor for equal rights, my quest for “the one” may be a little bit easier. And since I’m just a mouse-click away, I don’t have to trek the seven continents to hunt him down. Maybe he’s on Facebook, or maybe he reads MileHighGayGuy? Hmm…

What I do know is change is coming. It’s blowing in the wind and it is pissing off the fundamentalist right. Just like a bratty child being sent to time out, the Palins, Bachmens, Perrys, and guys named Jeb, will NOT go quietly. I expect their vitriolic, (and kind of embarrassing) rants will get even worse. 

At this moment, the wolves, or in this case the Fox’s, are prepping for a fight. We will hear their bigoted reinterpretations of the bible. We will avoid Rush Limbaugh’s bilious voice, decrying the fall of society, his fear-inducing pursed lips spewing icky acidic saliva, peppering the foam ball of his microphone with infectious hate.

But here is what the gay community has going for it: Ourselves.

We have Colorado State Senator Pat Steadman, who champions equality for the LGBT community, women’s rights, sex education, and HIV prevention.

Activists have given us a voice when we were dying. Peter Staley, Larry Kramer, and countless others have shown us how to ACT UP.  

Harvey Milk was killed for believing in us, and his nephew Stuart Milk continues to give us a voice.

In our ranks we have Dan Choi, a West Point graduate, American infantry officer, and gay rights activist, who put a face on the fight against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 

Let’s not forget 84-year old Edie Windsor, the victorious plantiff in the Supreme Court case against the Defense of Marriage Act.

There are communities of bears, drag queens, daddies, twinks and twunks, cubs and pups. In every neighborhood there are pitchers, catchers, and power bottoms (who know how to take it). We have an army of butch lesbians and girly girls. There are members of the transgender community who have demonstrated heroic fortitude that far exceeds their non-trans counterparts. We even have some invisible people, numerous unseen men and women who are on the down-low, or choose to remain in the closet.

And finally, we have our secret weapon- Thousands upon thousands of little monsters who are growing not so little, and are eager to show their teeth.

So to my LGBT brothers and sisters, I love all of ya'll but lets not forget our history. Buckle up, dig in, and brace yourself. Our fight for equal rights has just begun."