Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Choir Boy - Toxic Eye

Choir Boy have released another infectious pop single "Toxic Eye". With a feast of languid hooks and ever-angelic vocals from frontman Adam Klopp, the moody, yet danceable track shows the band pushing their extraordinary sound further, while tenderly romancing the unsuspected. "What can be done when paranoia and negativity pervade every aspect of your life?" Klopp questions. "You feel burdensome to loved ones and the planet is clearly doomed. Toxic Eye provides a simple solution: Gouge your toxic eye". 

Choir Boy's impending sophomore album Gathering Swans sees its release May 8 via Dais Records.
Their melancholy tenderness springs forth naturally and distinctively, while pulling from the familiar and nostalgic styles of pop trailblazers like Bryan Ferry and Kate Bush with all the funkiness of The Cleaners from Venus. Klopp dives endlessly into the depths of love, conflict, loss, and regret, while hints of religiosity seep through, more than likely stemming from Klopp's experiences growing up within a religion he ultimately left behind. Creative, sincere, passionate and glaring with intention, Gathering Swans paints a bright, hopeful, and deeply heartfelt image with a little humor along the way.