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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tim Sweeney to step down as president and CEO of the Gill Foundation

Gill Foundation Founder and Board Chair Tim Gill announced today that Tim Sweeney (pictured) has informed the board he will end his term as president and CEO of the foundation before the end of 2013. The board will lead a search process to identify Sweeney’s replacement.

“Tim Sweeney’s excellent stewardship has placed the Gill Foundation in the strongest position in its history, and we’re grateful for his service to the foundation, the LGBT movement, and our home state of Colorado,” said Gill.

“Leading the Gill Foundation and working with Tim Gill has been a privilege,” said Sweeney. “I have been humbled by Tim’s generosity, and I am proud of what our staff and our board have accomplished together in the past five years. We were leaders in focusing resources on education and advocacy in the states to build national momentum for equality. We helped reimagine federal advocacy to ensure that agencies include LGBT concerns in administrative decisions. We increased the range and depth of non-gay ally organizations working to advance equality. In Colorado, we revitalized LGBT advocacy and helped build a national model for progressive infrastructure.”

“The foundation is positioned well to continue having a tremendous impact on the LGBT movement and on Colorado, and it’s the right time for me, personally, to return to my home in San Francisco and take on new challenges,” said Sweeney.

“Tim Sweeney is a true pioneer in the LGBT movement and not easy to replace,” said Gill. “From working with Harvey Milk in the ‘No on 6’ campaign, to leading organizations like Lambda Legal and Gay Men’s Health Crisis, to his service in philanthropy at the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund and the Gill Foundation, Tim’s 35 years of exemplary service in the movement has changed the lives of millions of Americans. We asked him to give us a year of transition when he decided to move on, and we appreciate that he has done that.”

“We’re confident that through this transition we will find the right person to lead the foundation into its next phase,” said Gill.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jared Polis, Tim Gill make OUT's Power 50 list

Out's 2010 Power 50 list, a veritable who’s who of prominent gay men and women representing all walks of life from entertainers to politicians, writers, and cultural icons, includes two of Colorado's most prominent gay men - Jared Polis and Tim Gill.

Gill and Polis are also listed on the Who's Who in Gay Denver page.

Other notable figures in this year’s Power 50 include:

Adam Lambert — His Rolling Stone cover was the magazine’s best seller of 2009, but he really caught fire after his American Music Awards performance forced ABC to break out its rule book.

Neil Patrick Harris — Today’s go-to awards show host of choice has earned two Golden Globe and three Emmy nominations for his work on 'How I Met Your Mother.' Now the actor has three movies and a guest-starring spot on 'Glee' scheduled for 2010.

Perez Hilton — Whether posing with Lady Gaga or helping launch new bands, Perez Hilton remains the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media.”

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A message from Tim Gill about marriage equality

In a statement released today about marriage equality and the Gill Foundation's newly redesigned website, Tim Gill writes, "Only five percent of Americans live in states that extend marriage to same-sex couples. Contrast that number with the fact that 50 percent of Americans say they support marriage equality.

Personal stories often make a tremendous difference in changing attitudes and laws. That’s why the newly redesigned Gill Foundation’s website features the story of Stephanie and Mary Evans-McFarland, an Iowa couple that married following the historic decision of that state’s Supreme Court. Take a look at their story. Pass it along. And do whatever you can to support marriage equality."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tim Gill funding Republicans?

Yeah, but it's not exactly what it sounds like. Seems that the Gill Action Fund has been keeping the Log Cabin Republicans afloat for the past few years - partially to ensure a GLNT presence at the Republican National Convention. There seems to be some disagreement on just how much the LCR depends on the Action Fund's finances, but any gay group who endorsed Sarah Palin (and they did) needs all the help they can get.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tim Gill: gay mafia or GOP career counselor?

Colorado's Tim Gill defines himself as a "career counselor" for the GOP (and they obviously need one--you can start with Sarah Palin, Tim), and Time magazine profiles the "gay mafia" that is redefining liberal politics and includes none other than our own Tim Gill as a "member." We like a guy with a diverse resume.

Groups like Focus on the Family aren't as appreciative - see what they have to say in the video below:

Keep up the good work, Tim!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Live blogging the LGBT Caucus at the DNC: Tim Gill speaks out

Local philanthropist Tim Gill, whose Gill Foundation and Gill Action Fund have provided over $150 million dollars towards the fight for gay rights is making his remarks.

"The most important thing you can do is support the pro-gay legislators and eliminate the anti-gay legislators." - Tim Gill

"Look at and talk to all the people from the rural states that are here, ask them who you can help them get rid of. Ask them who needs a new career because if all of you give $50 ... we can get rid of them." - Tim Gill

"Help us get rid of anti-gay politicians." - Tim Gill

"The Republican party is controlled by a bunch of bigots." - Tim Gill